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Hey everyone,

I have recently moved to Orihuela Costa with my wife and 2 kids age 2 and nearly 4 (both boys).

I would like my 4 year old boy to start school somewhere locally in Orihuela Costa. I was wondering are there any other Brits on the forum in a similar situation, or have kids already at school even?

Just looking for some advice :D

Thanks in advance everyone.
Hi Matt ,

We are in a similar position to yourselves but your a little ahead than us we are moving in Aug to Torrevieja, but I am over in June to sort out the Padron and School. Therefore any advice you have for us with the Schools would be great. Have you registered all family members on the Padron yet? If so what documents did you need to take?


Hi Dawn,

Ah yes we have done the Padron thing about 2 weeks ago, it was fairly easy but it took us 3 tries because each time I was missing something - :(

Fortunately for you, you can learn from my mistakes :D

Documents they wanted to see were:

Passport (for each person being registered)

Tenancy agreement in SPANISH (Mine was in English and they would not accept it)

Recent utility bill (I had to get this from my landlord and a copy of his passport because the bill was in his name)

NIE certificate for the main person doing the registering (in this case it was me the father registering my wife and 2 kids - they did not require NIE numbers for them)

I think that was it. If it is the first time you are registering I think all those being registered must be present. I asked if this was the case before I went as I wanted to leave the kids at home but the lady said she must see them if first time registration).

Hope that helps.

Have you found any schools yet?

Hi Matt, Depending on where abouts in O.C you live there are two school CP17 which is at the top of the market road and the other one is CP18 which is over at Los Dolces behind the garden centre.
The schools normally have a list up of dates in May when you can register your child for the start in September. When we moved out here 11yrs ago the schools had closed for summer so we just went in when they re-opened in the Sept.
At the time then you needed, padron, 4 photos of child, medical certificated & passport, the requirements may well have changed since then. To get the medical cert we had to show what injections the boys had which we brought over from our doctors.
My boys went to CP17 and loved it there and Carlos who I think is still the headmaster is lovely as were all the teachers.
Thanks Matt for your help that's so useful it's really appreciated!!

I'd heard that I had to show a work contract or a minimum of 420.00 each month going into a Spanish bank account before I could register on the Padron in addition to the documents you mentioned. I was planning not to work initially to settle the girls in school so was panicking about this as it was not something they asked when I registered on the padron a few years ago. Things change quickly in Spain so given you went two was ago I should be ok.

Padron next week and then the fun of registering the kids at school. No ideas about schools as yet think it's based on where you live is where they will go.

Wish me luck for next week just the thought of taking a ticket from the Padron office makes me nervous, you never know what is going to happen, but that's what I love about the place.

Thanks again Matt

Dawn :D
Hi Deb64,

Thanks so much for your helpful reply :mrgreen:

From your description, CP17 sounds like the nearest to me if it's at the top of the market road, very convenient in fact. Also thanks for the information you provided, it has given me a heads-up of which possible documents I may need to produce :D

I will aim to find this school tomorrow and see what the latest information is. My main concern is if I can't find anyone who speaks English. As I have only been here a month or so my Spanish is next to non existant :|

Do you remember if Carlos (the headmaster you mention) speaks English?


Hi thornton1977,

No problem, glad I could be of some help! :D

I have not heard of that rule regarding having to have money going into an account or a work contract. In fact I don't have either of them at the moment so I wouldn't worry. Plus all the research I did when I was reading how to do Padron stuff, not one of the website guides mentioned this.

Maybe the salary rule applies for something else like NIE number, but not for Padron :D

Top tip re the padron office, get there early. The town hall opens at 8:30am (there will be a queue most likely) and as soon as you go inside take your padron ticket. The padron office doesn't open until 9am but if you have your ticket you may be first in there and out again by 9:10am :mrgreen:

Best of luck and let us know how you get on with that and schools, as will I :D

Just a sidenote regarding CP18. Permission has been given, land allocated and funding made available to build a new permanent school to replace this portacabin school.

The new school is to be built at Zenia Mar between Playa Flamenca and La Florida. The plot of land is located between Calle Pino Piñonero and Calle Paraná. Believe that it is expected (cough cough) to be ready in 24 months.
Newmaney wrote:Just a sidenote regarding CP18. Permission has been given, land allocated and funding made available to build a new permanent school to replace this portacabin school.

The new school is to be built at Zenia Mar between Playa Flamenca and La Florida. The plot of land is located between Calle Pino Piñonero and Calle Paraná. Believe that it is expected (cough cough) to be ready in 24 months.
The new location of CP18 doesn't make sense if you think about it, the children who go to that school already will be from Villamartin, Los Dolses, Cabo, etc
There is already a brick built school over this side which is CP17 (market Rd) maybe they want that to be used for children who live over the motorway and the new school for locals this side , who knows how they think.
Hey everyone,

Bit of a slow reply from me here as been a bit busy sorting out residency for me and the family :-)

So can anyone advise the procedure to register my son at the school at Los Dolses? Do I just turn up at the door or do I need to make an appointment or anything?

I understand the end of the school year is coming up so not sure how much I can actually do before then, but any tips much appreciated as always :D
Hi Matt, I think you might have missed the window for registration but I would still call into the school anyway and see the receptionist who will inform you of what documents you will need and it may be a case of returning in Sept on a date she tells you. Until your son has had his injections you can't register him as the doctors give you a medical form showing what he has had until now.
the schools are on half days now so you will need to go in the mornings and press the buzzer, unless you go for 9am when the gate is open.
Hi Deb64, wow thanks again, you are so helpful to all my questions :D

I will call in to the school on Monday or Tuesday morning and find out some more information. Shame I have missed the registration deadline but fingers crossed my son will be able to get in somewhere in September :)

We have been so busy getting residency and NIE numbers etc sorted that everything else has taken a back seat. It will all be worth it in the end though I'm sure :D

Have a great weekend!
No problem Matt, just trying to pass on what we had to do although it was 11yrs ago it still feels like yesterday. At times you will feel like ou are taking two steps forward and one back with all the paperwork and trips to the town hall.
As you say it will be worth it once it's all sorted.
both my boys went to that school and then the porta cabins across the road, the oldest is just finishing his 2nd year of Uni and is coming out her for his placement to catalunya as a teaching assistant in a school. My youngest is off to Uni in Sept so I don't think putting them in a Spanish state school done them any harm, I think you are doing the right thing putting your little one in a Spanish school.
Hi Deb64,

Wow 11 years ago hey, that is quite a long time isn't it :D

And ha ha ha yes what you say about taking two steps forward and one step back is very true.. getting the paperwork sorted out for registering on the padron and getting residency etc has all been a lot more challenging than I thought it would be :( Getting there though, slowly.

Congrats to you and your boys! In the future I would like my two boys to go to university but we are little way off making any decisions about that for now :)

I wish them the best of luck in their studies :mrgreen:

Many thanks Mick. Very useful. Bee

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