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By yvonne1975
Hi can anyone with kids or knows someone with kids in school in the quesada, rojales, benijofer area? any feeback would be great thanks xx
By beniman
came here a number of years ago, the school in Benijofar had 2 non Spanish children in it, 6 years later it was 60% plus. Its now back down to about 10%.
Rojales primary school has a few more ex pat kids, the senior school a few more. Both serve the area you are talking about.
My advice would to make sure the school has school dinners available, there is a 3 hours lunch break and you dont want to be travelling back and forth.
The kids will naturally mix with others, all nationalities, but as they get older they seem to mix with their own. there is a number of reasons for this, but ultimately its a cultural thing. Some on here will slag me down for that but thats the way.
There are much less English speaking kids here now of all ages for many reasons, lack of well paid work for the parents and just bad decision making in coming here in the first place, but hey at least they gave it a go.
As for the schools, be prepared that they will fail one year and be kept down, education isnt at the top of the agenda here. Notice how many million euro football pitches are around this area and compare to the shit state of the schools and lack of funding to them.
I think 50% of kids in UK go to university give or take, here Brit kids 0.0001 I would guess, says something.
Take a look at Guardamar schools, the best in the area by a mile and a bus goes each day from Quesada.
By Rachel J
My daughter is 7, born in Spain, and has attended Rojales Principe de España since the age of 3.
I have nothing but good to say about the standard and quality of the education she has received at Infantil and her first year of Primaria.

However the Junior School (Primaria) is in an dreadful state structurally. You may have seen articles about it in the local press? Temporary classrooms constructed in the 80's still in use, situated on top of septic tanks, crumbling masonry and lead pipes are just some of the problems. Repairs are taking place over the summer holidays, but the whole place needs knocking down and rebuilding.

Many Brit parents have moved their children from Rojales to Benijofar school in light of these problems, so the ratio of Brits to Spaniards currently is about the same at both schools. As beniman says, there are far less Brits than there were a few years ago.

If the availability of school dinners is a factor, Benijofar does not offer them.

My advice to you, whichever school you choose, is to get your children involved in after school activities and clubs. They will integrate with the other kids and make friends, whatever the nationality.

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