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By yvonne1975
HI looking for some advise from people who have moved from britain to spain and put ther kids to spanish school, ive just put my 6 and 8 yr old into spanish school, theyr struggling with friends at the moment i think its because they dont know the lingo, they dont seem to like it just now (which i hope passes) theyv been in school for7 weeks now. any advice would help x
By CathM
Mine went into Spanish school at 4 and 5 which certainly helped as they were in infants so most of the day was learn through play. Ask at the school if they can do extra Spanish lessons or find a tutor to help them. My 2 had a tutor up until last year and it really did help them. Luckily for me my tutor was a Spanish teacher who taught English in a school in San Pedro. He helped them tremendously and only finished as they are now in secondary school and he had taken them as far as he could. Your profile doesn´t state where you are. I know there is now a tutor school at the Fuente centre. Try to get them to watch Spanish tv. They will pick up the language quicker that way. Mine used to watch kids programes in the morning before school. Again that helped.

By travelgirl

What area are you in?

The language will be a big part of it and of course everything is so different. There was an English boy that started last year at the school my 2 go to and it's taken him sometime to adjust and settle but he is now doing really well and loving it :)

If you have any questions or concerns please just ask I'll help you in any way I can as my boys are 6 and 8 :)

Take care
By Menina
Yvonne, I can assure you that they will adapt within a short time; however, you will need to help them to overcome their initial difficulties. Talk to the school, try to find them Spanish friends in your neighbourhood that you should invite to your home so that you can observe their interaction, watch Spanish TV, as Cath rightly says, so that they become used to the sounds of their new language... there is an excellent Children's channel, Clan, run by the official channel TVE which should delight them
In general, I always advise parents moving to Spain to have someone teaching some elementary Spanish to their children BEFORE moving to the country; however, this is not always possible, but do not despair, it will only take more time.
Soon, Spanish will become their main language for communication. Then, you will face a different challenge: to keep their English skillls up to scratch. And you will need to work on that. We are not born knowing how to speak any particular language, including our mother tongue. Languages are acquired through a complex learning process that never ends.
Fortunately, a child's brain is like a sponge, ready to absorbe knowledge. But remember that the school is not the only place where they learn skill. Their home is also a learning place.
Best wishes

Many thanks Mick. Very useful. Bee

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