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Again, mischievous comments. Really what are your motives?

Yes, Keith does own a Laundry business, although the relevance of that, I do not know. His day to day time is taken up 100% with running the school and from what I have seen with the number of hours he is putting in, there would be little time for anything else.

Perhaps, some people on here should appreciate genuine enterprise and not pour disdain on it.

I thought I would provide an update on the school's legality issue. With effect from the beginning of September, the school in addition to the English Curriculum, will also be offering examinations/study towards the Spanish Bacc. To do this the school has to be licensed with the Valencian Education Authorities and this process will be completed shortly.
rararblue wrote:To do this the school has to be licensed with the Valencian Education Authorities and this process will be completed shortly.
This proves my point.

The school should be closed down immediately until it has the necessary licences to operate as a centre of learning.
rararblue wrote:Apparently, I have been advised, as an International English language School , licensing in the same way, was not required. Offering Spanish qualifications changes things.
I am afraid that is pure bollocks.

The school was forced by the Valencian authorities, using the Town Hall of Torrevieja to carry out Valencia's instructions, to close down because it did not have the necessary licences to operate as a centre of learning. It was for that reason alone that the enterprise was moved into San Miguel de Salinas where the Mayor was convinced by a dodgy builder (who certainly used to be a great chum of the Mayor) that it would be good to have the business set up within the boundaries of San Miguel.

All places of learning have to be authorised by their autonomous regional governments, and Mar Azul is no different.

And I repeat, I have no ulterior motive in this matter, nor do I have any political allegiences or anything else. I just happen to be against the principle of allowing illegal businesses to operate in the town where I have lived.
Fair enough, I wasn't around then.

However, there are only 4 weeks to go til the end of School Term and right now the older children are in the middle of their IGCSE's, so to close down right now? Really?

Should we really be commending the new owner for sorting things out?
I have no idea why the previous owner didn't obtain the licenses - there was probably an expense and maybe she saw no need. Although she was a capable teacher there were numerous instances of poor management.

However, as I said in a previous post, this is very much a fresh start for the school and I know they want to attract in Spanish students, hence the BACC being introduced. So I suspect the step towards obtaining licenses was taken promptly with this in mind.

Give the school a chance and I am sure, very soon, there will be a prospering facility.

Within the school there is still lots to do but things are being managed properly, for the first time in years.
Liberty Valance wrote:So are we being told that the previous owner (possibly legally still the owner?) was unable to obtain the correct Licenses over a number of years,yet the new one can get them in weeks?
I may be being mischevious,but I really can't see that happening.
To be fair, I don't believe that the owner ever applied for the licences in the first instance. However, having said that, knowing Spanish officaldom, I very much doubt that valencia, even if it pulled it's finger out, would have authorised this "school" before the next semester starts.

And it does beg the question whether any of the staff have everbeen subjected to the necessary criminal checks that apply in Spain, as well as in other countries? My guess, and to be honest I don't actually know, is that none of them have gone through that proceedure. And even if some had, I am sure that others will have fallen between the cracks; it stands to reason, after all, that if you are prepared to illegally open a learning institute without having gone through all the obligatory checks and balances, then it would not take a huge stretch of the imagination to believe that they took as much care about vetting the staff.

But the parents obviously don't give a damm; shows how much that they care about their children.
But the parents obviously don't give a damm; shows how much that they care about their children.

Mischievous comments are one thing, but statements such as the above are disgusting and show just how nasty and vindictive the writer must be. Hopefully, all other contributers will treat all your posts with the contempt they deserve.
The parents choose to send their children there because it's a good school, why the constant negative speculation from people that have no personal interest in the school? Why upset the happy, well cared for children that attend by getting it closed down?
Yes, the old head was hard to work for and dodgy with money but her ethical reasons for setting up the school in the first place are good at heart and no one outwith the school considers that.
Do you know, for example, that Mar Azul is the only international school on the Costa Blanca that accepts pupils with special needs? There IS nowhere else for them to go, other than Spanish schools where they get lost in the system and fail to have equal access to the curriculum.
The teachers are fantastic and every, single child is supported and nourished so well that I'd be proud to send my child there. The teachers all know the parents really well and operate an open doors policy when it comes to liaising with them, so parents can be assured that their children are safe there. You can't get a UK teaching certificate without a police check.
Before you cast stones, why not go and look around? I'm sure they'd be happy to show you.
pc76 wrote:Before you cast stones,
Your comments are noted, but I repeat, that if it was such a wonderful school, then that is even more reason why the school should have been authorised by the relevant regulators. The fact is that in all the time that it operated in Mar Azul, and I am led to believe upto now, no effort had been made to have the school authorised to act as a centre of learning for minors. The rest is irrelevant.

However, even if as you say a teacher cannot in the UK (you seem to overlook that the school is in Spain) obtain a teaching certificate without a CRB check, it is a requirement in the UK and Spain that each new employer must apply for an updated CRB check before they are allowed to be in charge of minors.

And, I would ask, if you were in the UK, would you be happy to entrust your offspring to a school that was "under the radar" as far as being regulated and monitored by the Department of Education? Somehow, I very much doubt it. I would further add that I am not against the school per se, but against the concept that a place where minors are being are being cared for is being run as an illegal business.
Pretty much all of the schools previous failings have risen from mismanagement (mostly financial)on the behalf of the previous owners. There are loads of old stories around of staff and bills not being paid etc and these were probably true.

However, Those days are gone. Investment in Staff, Equipment, the Buildings, etc are all taking place. All legal requirements are being sorted out. It is time for the school to look forward.

My children are receiving excellent tuition and are very happy there. My only concern for the school is that the previous bad publicity, that the school received will stall its progress and put prospective students off, when really it shoudn't.

As the previous poster said, the school is now very much an open book. Anyone who has any questions, just call them.
My understanding was that the parents of English children like the school because it is also a babysitting service before and after school hours, I do know one teacher who is still there and he can tell a few stories. My only interest was that my son was going to buy a house overlooking the back of the school and he had to let it go when it was discovered they were thinking of extending the playground.
I see nothing has changed re Marazul, I spent 18 months as the ICT teacher there, its a damn shame as the teachers really do care or they certainly did when I taught there, for me the last straw was after a burglary trying to teach ICT to students with no computers and no possibility of that being sorted out anytime soon, but regardless of the downside the teachers always always took their jobs seriously and were dedicated professionals, in all honesty though I do agree that for some parents it was just a glorified babysitting service for their uncontrollable children, hey ho its all in the past for me, glad I got out and and had a complete change of career from IT

Me too.

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