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By dreamteam

we are planning to move over to spain in the new year with our 3 kids.there ages are 14,6 and 4.if we come over in april can we get them into the schools for remainder of term or should we wait to sept for term beginning.
any info would be great

I'm no expert on this but the sooner they start the better and your very 1st thing is to get a Padron because you need this to register them at school
By Deb64
The procedure for getting into the Spanish Schools has changed a lot since mine joined in 2005, do your homework before coming out here so you know what it entails, I hear that you need to jump through hoops now by having the following papers.
residencia (think you have to prove your income now)
NIE number for child.

Have a read through previous posts on the schools section as it will give you some idea about the spanish system.
By Deb64
dreamteam wrote:hi

they seem to look for alot of things.if you get all the paperwork can you enroll them before term ends then?


Yes its usually up till about 25th May for the next schooly year. If you are wanting them to go in this year before school breaks up in June then you will have to see what the school says. Don't forget that you have to buy all your text books which cost between 200 - 300 euros per child along with stationary so joining the school for a month or two will work out very expensive.
If your children don't speak the language especially the 14 yr old I would use the time with a language teacher to learn as much as they can, this would be more benificial than being in school and not understanding any of the lessons for the last term.
It is difficult for a 14 yr old to go to a new school but for it to be in a foriegn language multiplies the problems they will face, your younger children will adapt in time and are young enough to pick the language up.
If you have the funds maybe consider sending the oldest one to a fee paying international school so its easier for them to settle here.
By Jam1996
Personally i would wait to start them in the new term. I would get them some spanish lessons so they at least have a basic grasp of the lingo. Also its best to go to the school you are looking to put them into and they will give you a list of all the things you will need to get done.

Jam :D
By polisher
I put my kids into Spanish school when they were 4 and 6 years old 10 years ago and it was the best thing I ever did.However with one of your children being 14 years old , if they havent got a good grasp of Spanish,I wouldnt dream of putting them into a State school.Think carefully it could turn out to be torture for them especially at that age.Good luck and hope everything runs as smoothly as it did for us
By brooke
hi personally ur 14 yr old would be struggling as they have no time to teach them in high school , sometimes they just push then to the back of the they end up leaving cause there not learning
anything. don't know if this is down to what school u pick . my niece moved over at 14. pushed behind class , cause she couldn't speak spanish. this is also happened to some off my friend there kids just stopped going. my niece went back home.
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