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By Bill Posters
The Weekender January 18, P. 4. Pedro Sanchez’s Socialist Workers Party rules Spain despite holding just 88 seats in the 350 seat Congress. The PSOE just upped the cost of diesel by a whopping 8 cents per litre.

Spain, like France is heavily dependent upon a commercial and domestic vehicle network and diesel vehicle ownership. This will gut the hard working over-taxed peoples of Spain.

Loading diesel prices (to save the planet) is precisely what kicked off the unstoppable Yellow Vest protests. There is nothing dumber than a champagne socialist.
By Ianhaig25
I think dumb racists are way out in front.

Proposed a whopping 8 cents a litre by the dumb socialists eh.


You must be really upset when last year Rajoy right wing lot:

10 Aug 2018 · FUEL TAX: Spanish government proposal to increase diesel price by estimated 28.6 per cent.

Didn't see anything from you then.

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