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I read somewhere this week that Poland is the only country who refuses immigrants and the only country who has never had a terrorist attack. I support a multicultural society but we have to have rules we all agree to, if not don't move to our country.
I remember so well Enoch Powell over 40 years ago and his Rivers of Blood Speech. He was castigated and sent into the political wilderness for his views of what would happen. Sadly everything he said would happen has . How very sad. It's about time someone had the courage to stand up and tell it like it is instead of pussyfooting around these extremists.
Bad enough you can't keep your hate filled bile in the politics section and insist it's in chat, but to start in this one makes this forum pointless.

Can't you just moderate yourselves? Discipline dear boy, discipline!
johnnyC wrote:
Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:27 pm
Couldn,t resist sticking your oar in, though, could you Daveym....

My excuse, dear boy, is , I was just following the thread, and have apologised...... :D :D
"This is a forum for ex pats in Spain "

Not for Mrs Nelson though. He lives in the UK.....or thinks he does. :lol: :lol:
There are 23000 KNOWN jihadists in the Uk obvisouly they cant count the illegals, we home them,feed them give them benefits,health care etc then they incite treason and torrorism they should be deported no appeals no questions asked and if the have wives an d familys send them with them, these people who commited the terrosim in London were Under observation ??? they should have been kicked out, then we let the idots back in that went to fight for IS 850 we know about that went and allowed 400 back in its a joke, If Theresa May came out of no10 and said NO MORE BURKAHS, NOMORE MOSsQUES NO SHARIA LAW THIS IS THE UK she would get in landslide I would guarantee it, and before anyone says anything YES Im racist against thes Jihadist
There are two things about the UK approach to terrorism that seems to go almost unnoticed.

First thing is that we are at war with terrorism. Our best weapon to fight this war is Intelligence, this weapon requires a lot of resources, it takes manpower and money.
Sadly we have been cutting back on resources, seems insufficient funds.

Yet we spend billions on a weapon that may never be used in a war that may never happen - Trident.

The second problem lies with our ties to one particular country, a country whose soccer team refused to take part in a minutes silence for the victims of the latest murders - at least Australia won 3-2.

Apologies if this is off topic.

Edit: the soccer story is here: ... isgraceful

Thank you :D Liar.jpg

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