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By Mrs Nelson
Jimbo1916 wrote:
Wed Jun 07, 2017 9:46 pm
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Wed Jun 07, 2017 7:20 pm
You guys are just jealous because the IRa hit more targets than your pathetic old bag ever will.
Oh dear, what a nasty vindictive little man you are.

What an utterly disgraceful thing to say. You should be thoroughly ashamed of youself.

I was at Nick Barkers gig at Rodas last Sunday night and a couple or your old mates turned up. No surprise that they didn`t have a good word to say about you. But then, I seem to remember that you were always stabbing them in the back.

In fact, anyone I speak to haven`t got a good word to say about you. People on here can see why.

Bad loser.
John you need to stop living your life on the back of talented people, it's all very well haunting these acts, and claiming to everyone they are your best mates, but if you are only there in the capacity of rent a crowd, invited personally on Facebook along with 500 others, well you are just another sycophantic sucker.

As if I give a shit if my mates are slagging me off, it's what musos do here and everywhere else, you won't understand but being a musician is not like being a painter, if your mate is a shit painter you tell him, they accept it, over here you have to massage egos and kid on that really average acts who are a pain to work with are great when they are not
As you know ,apart from one or two acts, I don't rate anyone here, (that's more to do with the lackluster environment that acts are forced to embrace, tellies on, three hour shows etc, )
I have been honest with you about that and also to them, the living legends singing with karaoke tracks robbed off YouTube that you put on a pedestal. Do you think I give any consideration to their opinions of me or anything else. ?

By Mrs Nelson
johnnyC wrote:
Thu Jun 08, 2017 7:32 am
Mrs Nelson....hatred seems to seep out of your every pore!!...

Something traumatic in your childhood, maybe...?

Can you not be a little more civilised on here?

Most unedifying for the casual reader!!! :D :D :D

You can talk,

Casual reader, in your dreams, if it wasn't for the fact that there's only three people on this group, I wouldn't joke about the ira.

Probably too near the knuckle I admit, but like a lot of things on here, they can't be taken back.
By Mrs Nelson
Yes I can, I shouldn't have made that remark but as I said I can't take it back.

but you can't hide from the truth either, Mrs may can't hit a target, not even an open goal and I'm very sorry I made a ira related remark to bang that message home.
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By Jimbo1916
Just you two then. :D

We`ll leave you to it, if you don`t mind. I`ve got better things to do than to read his nasty leftie crap...and it looks like other people have as well.

I`m going to carry on living the good life in Spain, on my ten bob a week handout. Just like all selfish pensioners.

By Outsider
Yes, my final post, I am afraid our arogant nasty lefty looser has gone over the top with his views. Not good banter anymore. :evil: :twisted:
By Mrs Nelson
FairPlay jimbo

We dont want you missing the karaoke at the dog and parrot, off you go.

Johnny you are not always wrong mate. It's just banter. :)
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By Jimbo1916
Yes fair play.......But then you`re just a glorified karaoke singer yourself at the end of the day, aren`t you. :wink:

See you in the Dog and Parrot..:D

Bye Bye.
By Mrs Nelson
You said I was the best singer here last week, then again we get that a lot, my little mate is often told he is better than Stevie wonder and co, my partner in my duo is the best guitarist people have ever seen, ( he is actually very good, probably the best in this area)

There's Nowt as queer as folk,

And the public never tire of the emperors new clothes.

So enjoy the music John, pop up to the local tonight, and I'll buy you a pint.

By Mrs Nelson
Now now johnny , pop up to the local tonight and whisper the magic password and I will buy you a pint.

I bought burabba a pint once, it didn't hurt

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