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By Kinchy
The small print of Labour’s manifesto reveals a proposal to replace council tax with a new Land Value Tax to raise billions for a spending splurge.
Jeremy Corbyn is planning to introduce ‘Garden Tax’ that could see council tax treble
A Labour blueprint for the tax from 2015 reveals Mr Corbyn could slap a levy of 3 per cent on the value of a homeowner’s land – including the back garden.
Such a levy would result in an average bill of £3,837 across England – a 224 per cent increase on the current £1,185 average council tax, which is based on property.
There would increases for families across the country from Bolsover to Lincoln and Sunderland to Maldon in Essex.

Notice how its been hidden away in the small print of the Comedic Manifesto.
Who will it hit - everyone and the Communist .... sorry Labour commissars are fighting for the ordinary people. What a crock of s***e.
This is a sick and pernicious piece of proposed legislation that will be a stealth tax so typical of the Communists ..... sorry labour.
By old boy
Kinchy, please provide a link to this "small print" in the manifesto, because I have read it, and the 2015 edition, very carefully and I cannot find any mention of this so called change in Council Tax.

However, to be fair, labour did propose to levy a so-called Mansion Tax for properties valued at over £2 million in their 2015 manifesto which received much attention in the run up to the election back then. But I cannot see that in this year's plans, possibly because too many labour politicians own properties in that value bracket.

What I will say about the 2017 Labour manifesto is that, far from what Corbyn and co promised prior to it's publication, it's spending plans do not seem to be costed nor does there appear to be any meaningful details about what they expect their tax rises to raise. Nor does it take into account how many wealthy individuals and businesses may well move overseas to avoid paying higher rates of tax that Labour proposes.
By freddo
Is this what you are referring to

A Labour government will give local government extra funding next year. We will initiate a review into reforming council tax and business rates and consider new options such as a land value tax, to ensure local government has sustainable funding for the long term.
By Kinchy
Thanks freddo. It is estimated that the average increase will be 3% hence the anticipated increases in Council Tax.
Labour = mendacious, duplicitous and pernicious. A scum outfit bidding for power :roll:
By Kinchy
Another fake story

So why is it stated in the Communist Manifesto exactly as freddo has stated?
Fake stories errrrr
We cant export food to Australia - it will go off. True story from Ms Loganberry
!0,00 coppers will cost £300,000 True story from an incompetent racist
How much will your childcare pledge cost Mr corbyn?
Let me Google that, but it will cost a lot.
If these ramblings were not true then you could not make them up, and they want to govern the UK! God in Heaven save us from the Communist Labour Party
By Kinchy
What a weak reply to say the least.
Here is the detail of where your Fake News appears
The Labour manifesto includes a short passage dedicated to a Land Value Tax, hidden on page 86 in a section entitled ‘Local Communities’. 
Is that Fake enough for you?
By Mrs Nelson
It's a proposal, just like the option of dementia tax, something you can back heel.

So in the context you are trying to use it in, it carrys no weight, like a lot of your comments lately kinchy, You started off strong here but mixing with the torrie Tory dopes is your kryptonite maybe?

By Adey
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Thu Jun 01, 2017 7:32 pm
The only tax you have to worry about kidder is dementia tax,

I wonder will it be proportional to your condition or just a flat fee
I keep thinking I'm missing something here, from personal experience it looks OK, for example:

My partners mother is in a care home, nothing at all physically wrong with her except total short term memory loss, which might!! be the onset of dementia.

Her pension covers the majority of her care home fees, but it is still around 500 pounds a month short, the local council valued her home as it's her only asset and basically came up with a deal, they will pay the 500 pounds a month against the collateral in her property. The house is only valued at around 130k, she has already been in the home for about 5 years but could easily live for another 10 years, that could mean the council would take back around 90k when the house is eventually sold leaving 40k to pass on to her family, under the conservatives plan the maximum the council could hope to get is 30k leaving 100k to pass on to family.

To me that looks like a fair deal, or am I missing something??
By Mrs Nelson
Yes I was wondering too what the big deal was about this planned Tory policy.

As far as I know, if you have a house they take it off you one way or the other.

If the house was worth a million pounds, and then they put a 900 000 lien on it for 15 years of care say, I think this is the issue, questioning once more the point of working hard?

I'm Not sure.

If you had a stroke or were paralyzed or get dementia and need to go in a five grand a month care home like my mum in law, surely they raid your cash and assets regardless of the definition of your condition,
By Mrs Nelson
So Under the proposed dementia tax rules, if you have dementia and go in to a care home for ten years and it costs 600 grand, your million pound house is ultimately worth 400 grand to your kids.

At the moment,

Regardless of age and health problem, presuming you need the use of a five grand a month care home and have no cash, do they put a lien on your house or force you to sell it immediately?

I'm going to argue you don't get to keep your house in any situation and have to wonder what the fuss is all about in relation to Mrs Mays policy.

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