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I already have shares in the NHS, they were bought with my NI contributions for over 40 years.
A fabulous investment to pass on to my two grandsons who will keep paying into the share saver system by also paying their share of NI contributions, as opposed to those that enter UK and use the NHS without having paid in a bloody penny.
Now its strange you should ask that - yes I did buy some and then sold them on thank you very much, as well as the shares in Abbey National when the OH was a manager so got free shares as well as shares for the accounts we held there- cushty, but the best was Barclays shares bought at 49p and worth a heck of a lot more since then as well as Lloyds shares when they were 11p - rock on! :lol: :lol: :lol:
Ok so give me a clue to the cryptic question :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

If Comrade Corbyn has his way then everyone in UK will be toiling on the collective farms or manufacturing Trabant motor cars then waiting for three hours to buy a loaf :roll: :roll:
Then take their annual hols to Palestine courtesy of Hamas Airtours and accommodation provided by Hezbollah with Miss Spoke clones as holiday reps :lol:
Yep! Just the same as the ones I bought for British Gas and Telecom.
Nice little earners both of them, not too bad for a kid from a two up two down terraced house with his arse hanging out his trousers and working at every opportunity to be able to get a better life style rather than relying on the State to feed me.
So many today would never survive poverty that was REAL.

I think its called self respect.
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