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By Kinchy
Not if you are in the U.K. You can't,
huge underinvestment in that department, huge waiting time, you have normally topped yourself before you get to see a shrink.

Oh the joy of wishful thinking for dandino :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Kinchy
Yet one more reason to NOT vote for this vile man and his defunct party.
Mr Corbyn was detained by police after taking part in a protest by IRA sympathisers in 1986, a Sunday Times investigation has revealed.
According to the newspaper, the event was  to "show solidarity" with accused terrorists including the Brighton bomber.
Those who attended claimed the rally was to “show solidarity with the Irish Republican prisoners put on trial by the British state”.
He was allegedly one of a crowd which gathered outside the Old Bailey to oppose the "show trial" of a group that included Patrick Magee, who was found guilty of 5 murders.

Anyone who supports this reptile to govern the nation really should examine their conscience.
By Mrs Nelson
Boring boring boring

The ira

Nasty people

The saudis

Nasty people

Pinochet and co

Nasty people

The tories.

Nasty people

By Kinchy
So, what alternative employment would you suggest for all the "workers" manufacturing those goods sold to Saudi. Your reply will be interesting.
Perhaps we could open up factories making Mao uniforms, or turn them into stone masons making statues of Chairman Jeremy, 20 foot high to be sited at the main road into every UK city, or book distributors delivering to each household The Thoughts of Chairman Jeremy Red Book,
The Communist Few controlling the many.

Another example of the Unions hold over labour........................
MORE than 100 policies included in Labour's leaked draft manifesto were virtually copied and pasted from proposals demanded by trade unions, it has been claimed.
Labour manifesto - written by Red Len !!!

And more..................
Jeremy Corbyn has drafted in a former Communist Party activist who once called for 'solidarity' with North Korea to help with Labour's floundering election campaign.
Andrew Murray, a former Morning Star journalist who only quit the Communists for Labour in December, is providing 'support' to the leader's office.
A senior party source confirmed has been seconded from the Unite union, where he is Len McCluskey's chief of staff.
The move caused fury among Labour moderates who have accused Mr Corbyn of guiding the party to disaster with his hard-left policies.

The Communist Party disguised as Labour - no doubt about it.

Will Primark or Matalan be the best place to buy your Maoist uniform and where would you get a Kim Jong Un haircut - Probably Islington :roll:
By Kinchy
Mmmm I thought that might be your reply :roll:
But wait, we have found a new location for the factories - The Peoples Communist Republic of Islington and Hackney.
By Mrs Nelson
Great manifesto unveiling today by JC

I hope the tories steal a bit more from labour and make Britain great again,

time for mrs may to come out of hiding, after she got throtttled yesterday by an old biddy on the street, I won't hold my breath.
By Kinchy
Vote for Corbyn and let the Communists in by the ever open Labour back door
Oblivion is calling Jerry
By Mrs Nelson
Labours back door is in better nick than that of number ten, after being stabbed in the back by her own people, they never managed to repair the nail marks of thatcher in that famous architrave.
By Kinchy
Back to the manifesto ( if it can be called that :lol: )
A cut and paste document of the demands of the communist unions, what an utter joke.
Comrade Len says that if Labour suffers its worst defeat since 1935 it will be a success.
Delusional to be kind, sinister and evil to be truthful :evil:
By Mrs Nelson
Some people only care about their werthers allowance and the triple lock, some care about the future for the next generation and their education work and health prospects.

We know what camp you are in kinchy, you are like a broken record now,

It's nearly dark, throw another log on the fire and bolt the door three times and have a snooze, and maybe you can dream about the tories hitting the dartboard occasionally

By Kinchy
Ha ha ha again a reply in your usual mode. No substance, no alternative argument, only the usual non descript out pourings and you say I am like a broken record - oh I love your sense of humour.
Caring about the future - well vote Tory and their future will be great, Oh sorry, I forgot, I don't think you are eligible to vote? Just empty memories and hatred of the past to keep your misguided political views alive :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Kinchy
Labour manifesto - one of the greatest works of Hans Christian Anderson hotly chased by the Brothers Grimm :roll:
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