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Mrs Nelson wrote:
Sat May 06, 2017 11:11 am
Incredible how you can lambast this woman and forget what a rotten job Maggie may made of things before she got pushed in to the top job.

BIG difference. Maggie's record is your opinion, many would disagree. Abbott's abysmal performances are there for all to see and the vast majority of unbiased people would agree that she is a liability for the labour party.
There is a slight difference regarding her role as Home Secretary.
She did fail to bring the numbers down as promised by Cameron and I for one would not dispute her failing there, BUT were those that came from outside the EU needed? More likely needs of the nation were possibly filled by them, rather than by unemployed Eastern Europeans and their families to drop into the local three quid car wash, or sit with a begging bowl outside John Lewis after leaving their car three streets away on a parking meter all day!
It would be interesting to have the information as to what roles the non EU migrants filled in the UK.
Her control of EU immigrants was nil as her hands were totally tied by the EU "Four Freedoms" one of which is total free movement of people.
Now she will get a far far better result for the UK than Jeremy " lets have a chat" Corbyn, who despite his "man of the people" front has no idea whatsoever as to the needs of the working( or not) man, and is still a prime leader of the political elitist London centric out of touch Labour Party..
And it was she who said she would get immigration down to tens of thousands (her words not mine)

Are you absolutely sure that it was her that said that and not Cameron making a pledge that could not be kept?
As I have said before if we are talking solely about immigration then her hands were tied regarding EU nationals.
You quote all the costings you have got from Eastern Europeans - correct?
Was that in Spain or the UK as you do not clarify where?
You state that all Eastern Europeans are working and contributing, yes they are BUT,
How far do their contributions go when they have their second or third child in the UK and the NHS has to fork out thousands for the births?
How far do their contributions cover the Family allowances paid to the children from the moment they arrive in UK?
How far do their contributions go when they claim Housing Benefit, Council Tax relief?
How far do their contributions go to pay for the interpreters for their children in school?
The amounts they contribute are scant compared to the amount they take from the system even if they are working given all the costs they incur to the State.

It is a myth to say that a family from anywhere within the EU is paying its way unless it has been in the UK for a substantial amount of years.

Well if you had your way, a City the size of Newcastle upon Tyne would be created every year SOLELY by the influx of EU migrants, and that is total madness and HAS to stop.
Just a few points:
a record 650,000 new arrivals poured into Britain in just the last year. If this is so, and "the fact that uncontrolled last year let in 284,000 and controlled let in 289,000. " there seems to be a disparity in the figures.
I suspect no Government in Europe knows how many EU people from other countries are in their country. Certainly no-one counts the passports of EU citizens coming into the UK (or leaving for that matter). They have a better idea of controlled because these have been given permission albeit limited in a large number of cases.
In international and national law, distinctions are made between refugees, asylum seekers, legal and illegal economic migrants, minority citizens, travellers and others. The figures don't recognise these distinctions.
It is also difficult to deport someone who has thrown away their passport!
Finally there have been a number of cases (some would say interferences ) by the EU court of Justice which has frustrated the wishes of the UK and the proposed actions by the Home Office.
Sorry to confuse things with a few facts
[b]BUT Her hands were not tied by non EU nationals though was she. That was well over her target. Failed. People need to stop making excuses, she had control over non EU immigration and the majority who came here in the 12 months to June were not from the EU but the rest of the world. 289,000.
And people here think that's a success.
People bang on about labours failure in immigration, yet the Tories were worse with the governments own figures proving it.
Worse still they pledged to make it better

With respect, I think that you should look at what I did actually say rather than putting what you have chosen fit to not say. I agreed that she had failed with non EU immigrants, yet you have p0sted that I did not.
Also when did India become a FORMER member of the Commonwealth as you have written firmer, I can only assume you mean former?
It's a bit unfair to continue to joke over someone's momentary lapse,

A momentary lapse :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
This woman is a total liability and she wishes to be the next Home Secretary!
Her monetary lapses are oh so frequent they show her as the joke she really is :roll:
She supports Mao, one of the biggest genocidal maniacs ever to walk the earth - now that is some "momentaty lapse", a momentary lapse for supporting the killer of 60 million people.
Life is too short to drink bad wine. I gave up a long time ago attempting to have a rational debate with diehard brainwashed lefties, religious fanatics and creationists - it would have been easier to convert Ian Paisley to Catholicism. The point is - there is no point.
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