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So, our unelected Prime Minister is trying to woo Labour voters now with words but not deeds. Somehow calling her party the Party for workers won´t wash. Although I have to admit it is a good joke from her speech writers. Her party have never been on the side of workers. Does anyone remember the last time they supported anyone in the work place taking industrial action to protect their pay or conditions? No, me neither.
And as for the British work for British people garbage where did that come from? Imagine if politicians over here used the same rhetoric and said Spanish work for Spanish people. What would be the reaction? Different (unelected) leader maybe but the same old Tories, supported by their billionaire tax exile press barons. :roll:
By brandyboy
You socialists on here know for a fact, that if Maggie May went to the polls now, Labour would suffer a major humiliating defeat, especially with Corbyn as leader.

Labour`s credibility would be damaged forever. It's bad enough as it is.
By brandyboy
Mrs Nelson wrote:John you take this all too serious, it's banter man, nobody appointed you as their Tory pensioner rep, why take it so personal, just have a laugh and enjoy your retirement, there is no need to get so personal all the time.

As for Maggie running for pm, Christ even after every thing we taught you, you deny the truth about the woman who ruined the country.

Let's revise the list,

Narcissists, fascists, Oedipalites, socialists, the deludilites, and oh dear oh dear ....negrophaeliacs

All under one roof and one big happy family.

Peace and love everyone

And here's one for you guys with the oedipus school dinner lady looks like the next prime minister complex. ... eTb1NOM%3A

Kevin, and peace and love to you to you too. We`ve always been good mates and I`ve supported you through thick and thin over the years, through your various enterprises, be it The Mighty Motowns, the Wheel of Fortune, etc.

So I don`t think a little thing like the prospect of the Labour Party ever coming to power in the foreseeable future should come between us. :D


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