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By daveym
teleless wrote:
daveym wrote:Have you actually read the link?

My point was that anyone can do horrible things.

As a 22 year veteran I'm outraged by anyone who defaces a war memorial but I don't allow myself to accuse folks of doing things solely because they are immigrants etc.

I speak as I find and tend not to judge based upon what the Daily Mail tells me to think.

The link also shows how people get hounded off this forum.
Not big or clever but a sad pattern.
So you must read the Daily Mail then. ?I think you are just a miserable twat.........only my opinion of course.As a 22 year veteran you failed to gain a sense of humour.......FFS that must be a first. ? :lol:
Sorry I thought that following the complaint to Gary about politics in GC that we were all meant to take part or shut up.

Didn't realise it wasnt meant to be serious.

I'm miserable due to my PTSD (Posting in Torry Serious Disorder!)

It was brought on by my spell in Nam. Cheltenham

Anyway, the army changed since you handed in you're chain mail- twaticus
By brandyboy
Gary is fully aware of the comments regarding the political section. His forum, his decision. It`s not the end of the world is it. :D

The majority of people on here are arguing with people they have never met, and will never meet. And going on past experience, you wouldn`t want to meet. :wink:

Get real. :D
By brandyboy
daveym wrote: I'm only here for the comradeship, comrade
And some of us have got a life.. comrade. No disrespect of course. :D

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