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By Kinchy
So Mutti Merkel has been dealt a blow by the right and Mr Makeup Macron has problems with his attempt at reforms in France.
Where do you YOU see these two going from here?
By Veronica
Judging frau Merkel from Afar (Australia)her decision to integrate syrian refugees on a large scale into the german population has proved a great success, apart from the nazi radical fringe,which have been on the rise since the early 60,s, their victims any race ,creed or colour who were prepared to do the the shitty jobs that the Aryan german deemed below them!! In the late 60,s germany imported over 3 million foreign workers(Gastarbeiter) myself included, and offered them jobs with, allthe main car and truck producers, town councils,as bin men, cemetary workers, sewage workers and Ubahn staff just to name a few,as these workers proved their reliability, and expertise in their trades many were promoted and taken into permanent positions, 50 years later german employers are taking advantage of the abundance of knowledge and trade craft, to strengthen their work forces, where as the younger aged german unemployed are not prepared to even apply for jobs!!, if only the british govt would proceed on the same lines!!
By Kinchy
Well, a very interesting comment to say the least.
Can I ask what back up proof could you provide to the comment that her open door policy has benefitted the German economy and has led to great integration of those Syrian incomers?
Forgive me but I seem to get a feeling that your comments (Aryan Germans deemed below them) are rather insulting to the Germans?
Can I from your experience of being in Germany ask why you think that this is?
My experience of working in Germany is somewhat the opposite.
Are you advocating that the UK opens its borders to uncontrolled immigration of refugees from Syria or other areas?
The recent General Election in the Bundes Republik has shown that Merkel made a disastrous error with her immigration policy and now it would appear that Germany will need another General Election as she has failed to form a coalition to govern.
Macron is concentrating his efforts with whacky ideas for EU greater integration and reform, but the demonstrations continuing in France and his plummeting popularity ratings prove to me that the French did not vote for Macron but voted for him to keep Madame Le Pen away from power.
By the way the UBahn in Berlin was a fantastic service, as were the train services I used mainly between Frankfurt and Munich.
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