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Ha ha ha ha , you are a laugh a minute in self denial - the truth about Comrade Corbyn hurts doeS it not?
Answer the question if you can, as this report was not fake but factual repeat factual DETAIL OF THEIR ACTIONS - do you, by virtue of your support of Corbyn, support the IRA? and its actions over the years?
You have said he is a breath of fresh air so your support is there in black and white, so again I say ..... ANSWER THE QUESTION
Corbyn and McDonnell....and I mean them, not the Labour party....seem to support any organisation or country that is an enemy of the UK.

Older members will remember the term "Fifth Columnists".

That is what Corbyn and co are....the Enemies Within!!
You support mrs may

Do you support beheading?


I don't support the ira bombings, but neither does Corbyn.

As if he did. There would be loads of actual video footage rather than the lies you guys are spreading via news print in surprise surprise the Tory controlling media.
Dont think Mrs May supports beheading.

A high proportion of the UK voters support Mrs May (as you will find out next month), but it's not logical to believe they support beheading. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I believe Corbyn is an IRA sympathiser, but I dont beleive he condoned the IRA bombings, does that sound more logical.
I don't support the ira bombings, but neither does Corbyn.

Really? Why is he under intense scrutiny for his past rantings in favour of the IRA?

He condoned the actions of the IRA is that simple enough for those in denial to comprehend?
He attended rallies supporting the "brave soldiers" of the IRA.
He stood for one minutes silence for the dead IRA murderers.
He and Mc Donnell were instrumental in lauding the armed struggle against the UK and the British Army.

Perhaps Mrs N even though you have tried to side swerve the answer ( as usual with inane rhetoric blaming the Tory press) you might want to share your opinions with the families of the dead at Enniskillen, the families of the dead at Omagh, the families of the 19 soldiers murdered at Warrenpoint, the families of the dead of the Household Cavalry the dead in Birmingham and the list of killing and maiming has no end - but still you side step an answer by asking "does Mrs May condone beheading?"

You have still not given a definitive answer, except for a nebulous meaningless statement.
Therefore one must only presume that your affection for Comrade Corbyn, and his odious past is acceptable to you and you feel his evil behaviour and actions are of a politician that you feel "is a breath of fresh air"
Well its there for all to see how you support and propagate acceptance of a supporter of murdering scum
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Hello outsider, yes It does indeed sound more logical,

But having sympathy for people who belong to a particular group does not make you a member of that group does it, in the way " ira sympathizer" implies..

Kinchy, I think it is suggested that the minutes silence at the event you might be reffering to was for those who lost their lives, civilians injured by the bombs, not soldiers.

I take your refusal to answer my question about the Saudis as your approval that beheading is ok, and whatever you want to say my comments imply, I can't be arsed so whatever,

One thing you can all be sure of, I dont support the Renault 5,
Well let me give you a categorical answer to that question.
I despise the utter barbarity beheading and the very idea of it fills me with disgust and cannot be condoned by any right thinking person.
Does that answer your "question"? Your next deflective attempt is welcome.

Having sympathy for a group does not make you a member of that group - really?
It goes a long way towards your entry application, and the very word sympathy indicates that the actions of " that group" are, in your eyes, perfectly acceptable - again another attempt at deflection.

The minutes silence was for those of the IRA that died - end of.
You try to justify his deplorable actions by slightly trying to divert from, or reinvent the true reason why he was there.

A reptilian piece of terrorist loving scum who, thank God, will get crushed on June the 8th and then end his days tending his allotment, teaching Diane how to do her sums and reading Das Kapital again, and damn good riddance to him.

Ah the good old Renault 5 - yet another attempt at deflection, trying to move away from the matter in hand.
I learned from the best master kinchy.

Don't waste any more ink on me

We have wasted enough time on this, the miners, thatcher etc in the years before you came here, I'm not mystic meg, but I can assure you neither of us is ever going to give an inch.
Mrs Nelson, Corbyn was arrested for obstruction outside the Old Bailey during the trial of the Brighton bomber who was found guilty of murdering 5 people and seriously injuring 31 others.

Corby stated at the time that he went to demo outside at the trial to, in his words, "show solidarity" with the group of people being tried by the state in a sham trial.

That says it all, really. But if you bother going through all his speeches in the last ten or so years, they are littered with anti-establishment stuff, such as 'Nato is dangerous, and should banished', and so on. I am sorry, but he is just not a suitable person to be a Prime Minister, any more than Trump should be allowed to remain in the White House.

Personal view, Trump will be out on his arse within twelve months. Hope Pence will be better.
I'm not familiar with why Jc thought the case was a Sham, so I can't comment on that aspect at this time.

I have seen his anti establishment comments but that doesn't mean he is any less capable of running the country than mrs may, a woman who hasn't managed so well in her previous job, a woman representative of a group who constantly miss targets and perform u turns every few months. No Election election, no increase in NI, an increase sorry no increase etc.

I think it's fair to say that the tories got hammered again on question time tonigh, that spotty Tory snot in the audience had a face you would never tire of slapping. How they can suggest TM is the only leader capable of facing the 27 is laughable considering she is afraid of going head to head with JC

In that case why did Corbyn decline the invitation to the ITV Leaders debate. Surely he could have used the opportunity to utter his crap?

Before I came here - does that mean because you have discussed matters before, it precludes me from commenting - or is that in line with the totalitarian Communist Labour government you wish for. Better polish that star you wish upon

Every time Jc is on the Telly he suggests TM should stop running away and face him, are you talking about a debate with the greens and the other no seats parties? Why wasn't Mrs may there, she's scared of paul nutter maybe or krankie ?

You are a clever guy I think, but you seem to be turning nasty, look at your last comment here to me. maybe that's the company you are in here ?
We have done the politics to death on here, but you can discuss it as much as you like, however on a forum with 7 regular users you might soon find you are preaching to the Renault 5.


It is depressing..........
faced with unasailable arguments.....
faced with overwhelming UK support for the Tories....
And an overwhelming vote for Brexit

There are still some Fifth Columnists about....who are they??

Any on here?? :D :D
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