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By jimny1
I have a Sony SLR camera with a 4 GB memory card
I am still a novice so not yet familiar with photography
The problem is my memory card is filling up after about 300 photos
Its on medium resolution
When i put the card into the pc i have the jpeg file but accompanying this is an ARW file with each picture that is 10 -12 MB in size
So for example i have an jpeg photo at 3 Mb and accompanying file at 12 MB, using up 15 MB for one photo
The ARW file is using up the space on the memory card
Can anyone tell me how i can reduce the size of the photos without losing the quality and can i prevent the ARW file from appearing on the memory card of the camera
By freddo
There must be a setting on the Sonys setup menu to take photos only on JPEG mode or RAW (ARW) or to use both

RAW files are actually just the information collected by the camera sensor data and not processed by the camera in any way. They are not really images, but data used to create the image. When you shoot a jpg, you camera's image processor converts the raw data to a jpeg. This conversion throws away any data not needed to render the image, and shrinks the file to an 8-bit file, throwing away even more data.

Shooting in raw takes the image processing out of the camera and into your hands via Lightroom. The Raw data is very much like a film negative, containing every ounce of information that passed through the lens. Then, inside Lightroom you are able to utilize this extra data to produce your image, much like making a print from a negative.

The advantage of the extra data in a Raw file is that with the added information, you are able to fine tune the image. Say in Lightroom you have a dark exposure. You may increase the exposure on a jpg image slightly, maybe +.25-.50 on the exposure slider before the image starts looking bad. RAW files allow you to push that dame exposure up +1.5-2.0 before the image gets too noisy. You can also modify indiidual color channels in a Raw file, whereas in a baked jpg, any change to one color will effect the others. You can also recover some lost image information from shadows with fill light, bringing some more depth to the shadows and recover some blow out highlights using recovery in Lightroom.
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