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In This Section You Can Discuss Photography And Post Your Own Photographs, However They Must Be Thumbnails Or They Will Get Deleted.

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By The Accountant
I received one as a present in the summer. It is brilliant! So easy to use and lovely quality pictures. Battery lasts forever. Easy download to computer.
Drawback: Fiddly little cover where the usb lead goes in. Can see it will break off easily.
Would definitely reccomend it.
By freddo
Be very careful with the camera as the slightest knock will jam the telephoto lens so make sure you keep the paperwork
The model is not very robust
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By The Accountant
It amazes me how some people treat an expensive, delicate piece of equipment and still expect it to function. I have seen top of the range mobile phones given to 1 year olds to keep them happy - and watched as they hit the floor. When I was growing up we treated the technical bits around us with respect. Mobile phones had not been invented and my first camera was a Kodak Brownie, but it was treated carefully.
If you look after something properly, don't throw it around or drop down the loo and definitely don't treat it as a child's palything, then it will give you years of service.
By freddo
I have had 2 and they have both had problems as mentioned and they were treated with respect but they are just not strong enough they were never dropped only put down on the car seat on onto a table i used them in my business to take photos of property I have now reverted back to my Nokia N8 mobile phone and it is far superior and can stand alot of knocks
By oldtimer
Cannot really understand the reason for asking here, if after reading 40 reviews where there were no bad ones !! How many more do you need before you spend your money ?
The Accountant wrote:Still pleased with mine too!
i recieved one at xmas....are you able to take black & white pictures with it??
owls wrote:top of camera there is a dial ,turn to scene then press menu at the side of screen ,loads of applications scroll down you will see b&w press ok
thanks very much owls....your daughter is a star
owls wrote:No probs, did you sort it.My daughter took some fantastic photos over xmas, she is over the moon with it
yep....we have a large woodland area where i live...looked absolutely magical in the snow this morning....looked a bit surreal as we have hundreds of green parakeets that live in the woods and we are in london[/color]

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