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By Newmaney
Sales in Playa Flamenca are very slow. Rental market is going to burst with the Government cracking down on holiday rentals/buy to let. Interestingly those buying are looking to renovate to achieve what they want rather than get a property that meets their criteria immediately.

Playa Flamenca is saturated with property both new and resale.
By Deb64
The part of P.F that I live in has seen properties on the market for days before they have been sold, I have even seen two properties that went up for sale ten plus years ago and have just sold in the last few months.
If the price is right and some one wants that house then it will sell.
I just wonder if the agents are telling prospective buyers of the new rules about the tourist licence for renting out the property, I would think not.
By jimny1
I suspect people that have been renting out for years without advising the authorities are now selling fast and cheap to not get hit with back tax , hence the high level of sales being achieved
And no, the estate agents will not mention the new regulations if they want their commissions
By Deb64
Wow a house on our urb had the for sale sign go up in the morning and was sold by the afternoon. This was with Vincents next to An Sibin. so things are moving by the looks of it.
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