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By taylor
Hi All
We are looking to buy a holiday apartment we have a budget of £50,000.
Looking on the internet there are 2 areas that are interesting us Las Balconies and El Limonar. Any advice on these two areas would be appreciated.
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By bladesboy1
We are also looking and like the area of Guardamar but the prices there are quite high and with the Euro- £ being so low we are waiting. Flying out to Tenerife though to see a couple of properties in two weeks. :D
By celtic 67
I have been there as you are looking and looking we have a villa In Quesada and love it the best thing that I have ever done :lol:
By scottydog
HI taylor

stay close to el limonar, would not move from where i am, would recommend the area.

10 min walk from carrefour and shopping center.

plus you have bars /restuarants on your doorstep :D
By Big Bad Simon
Quesada is fantastic value for money and there is 0plenty of choice.

However, please don't consider ANYTHING without having a few days and nights in the town itself. It's one of those marmite kind of towns - you either love it or hate it.

For fear of upsetting those that live there, I'll not tell you side of the fence I sit. However, a little bit of research and a walkabout will work wonders and certainly help you appreciate the place (or not).

I suppose it depends on what's important (a big spacious property with outside space versus a friendly community within the heart of soul of Spain)
By damatt
You asked for advice;

Treat the purchase the same as you would if buying at home.

Don't rush into it.

Make a wish list.

Where do you want to be,

what do you want, have 3 columns, must have, nice to have, not important.

when do you want to move;

Know your budget. Remember, the closer to the sea, the more it will cost.

Do your research on the area's to see if it meets your wish list.

Select more than 1 area

Select 2 or 3 locations and do further research

Look on a number of internet sites to see what is available in the area's you have selected, check to see if something you like is listed with more than one agent at more than one price.

Go out for a few days and look with your wish list and the properties you found on the internet.

Spend a few days there and if you see a place you like go back at varying times of the day to see what it is like, go home and think about it without the sunshine on your head and the wine in your belly.

Go back and have another look to see if the magic is still there and if it is, then go home and think about it and if the answer is still yes, then contact the agent via email so you have a record of what has been said. Ask what ALL the costs will be, if you are still happy - Make an offer.

Remember you will have around 12% of the sale price on top of what you agree to pay.

Engage your own Solicitor, not the one recommended by the agent.

It could all be complete in about 4 weeks.
By taylor
Hi damatt
Sorry for late reply been away for a short break. Thanks for your advice it makes a lot of sense.
The problem is there are so many areas, and so many house for sale. Can anyone recommend a good agent who has property's for sale in all of the area. Who is helpful and patient and can be trusted to give sound advice. All so can anyone recommend a good hotel to use as a base to stay when we eventually come out to view
By marian jacobs
We have just sold in Los Balcones, lovely area... I doubt you will find anything for the price you have quoted...... Agents, cannot recommend Homes Espana enough.

Pm me if you want to.
By Solent
- re tenerife
we've just returned from there having a look ourselves check out silensio
easy reach of airport golf and both Los Christians and America's area
a lot more reasonable that it's larger neighbours
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