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By Big Bad Simon
Dear all,

Recently had a long-term paying guest that abused the air-con and wasted so much electric that, when my bill came for that period, I only broke even on the let.

I've since got a separate 'pay-as-you-go' box fitted on that one air-con circuit so that guests can use it as and when they wish. Only had bloke who made an issue of it.

My question is this. Is it usual to charge extra if a guest is EXPECTED to use air-con or should it be factored into the daily-rate?

I've always said that common-sense should prevail and that everyone should have front patio and rear bedroom windows open to generate a nice thru-draft.

What do others think?
By Deb64
If you write into you advertisement that the aircon is payable then they can take it or leave it, but at least you have pre-warned them that they have to pay.
I have watched people who rent neighbouring properties and they have it on 24/7 even leaving doors open.
By damatt
The problem is that renters do not understand how air con works or what to expect from it. Many sit on the terrace with the patio doors open and the air con trying to cool the whole of Spain.

If you rent short term, then you will find that the changes in Tourist Registration you will not be able to charge extra but must be included.

Long term rentals, then it would normally be Rent plus Utility bills so you should not have had a bill.
By Deb64
One of our neighbours has these fitted to two aircon units and last summer he had renters in, when he came out for his holiday he thought they we not working so called the guy out who fitted them. The renters had some how over ridden the sensor so the aircon could be on all the time.
He couldn't pin point which renter it was as he had a few during the summer.
By kenbowns
Various models Dave, the 4000+ is the higher spec and comes with window/door sensors, next one down is the 4000 and works from the PIR within the Ecosense unit itself, I suppose if renters really wanted to they could tape over the sensor but I believe that you can also buy a small auxillary sensor which tucks away inside the ac unit itself.
I was on the Ecosense website yesterday as we are considering these for our apt.

By crummy
soapydave wrote:I thought it was a sensor on the patio doors or windows it self were as if the window or door was opened or left opened the air con would cut out and would,nt come on till the windows or doors were closed
We have stayed in apartments in Greece and if you open a window, the aircon goes off... There are no sensors actually attached to the window, nor anywhere visible... you just have to shut all the windows for the aircon to work...

No idea how it works, but it does..

By Deb64
soapydave wrote:I thought it was a sensor on the patio doors or windows it self were as if the window or door was opened or left opened the air con would cut out and would,nt come on till the windows or doors were closed
The ones our neighbour had fitted was a small box / sensor fitted to the wall and he had it set for 1 hour of use, you pushed the button in which allowed you to switch the aircon on with the remote.
I think when he had them installed he could choose the length of time the aircon was running for.
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By bladesboy1
Some hotels do have magnetic sensors built into the doors and windows to shut the A/C of when they are open. This though to fit would be quite expensive. I have been to several properties to repair units when I was working in Mallorca. I found many doors and windows open in rooms were the A/C war working properly. This is just wasting electricity and putting strain on the motors as they will run more or less 24 hrs. The compressor will end up burnt out. I would charge for the A/C use and get some meter device fitted to the A/C circuit.
By damatt
As I have previously stated, with the changes in the New Rental Laws, you can not charge extra for anything, it has all to be included, this includes end of stay cleans.

If you rent out a property, then since February 2015 you have to register your rental with the Tourist Office in Alicante, if you do not, then it could be a €3000 fine. The office is now doing a trawl through web sites to find rental properties which are not registered. If you are registered, then you have to quote your registration number on all adverts.


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