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By tapper
Anyone tell me the correct way to write the person´s names? e.g Señor Angel Llanos Diaz and his missus Señora Mercedes Martinez Martin. I understand that the first surname is the one from the father, so could I address the envelope simply to Sres. Llanos? or Sres. Angel Llanos? or does it need Sres. Angel y Mercedes Llanos? and if Señora Mercedes was a single woman it would it be Sra. Mercedes Martinez? without the Martin? and if Angel was single is it his full name or just Sr. Angel Llanos. Yes, I´m confused ! Need to know ASAP please!! It´s only to inform people of an upcoming meeting but would like to get it right. Cheers.
By rspltd
Love the reply Jane. For those of us who have no idea how it works (and can't even guess) can you explain please?
By Jane C

The family's surnames are the combination of the husband's first surname: Señor Angel Llanos Diaz and the wife's first surname: Señora Mercedes MartinezMartin, giving us - Señores Llanos Martinez, abbreviated to Snrs. Llanos Martinez.

There might be other ways of doing it, but that's what I think is right.

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By zelai
beastess wrote:Many Spanish people I know seem to go by one apellido only. Guess they only put the lot down when it comes to filling forms.
Yes, we mostly use just the first one. I say both of my sons "apellidos" 'cause the second one is mine, and don't want to say only his father's :twisted: :twisted:

When writting a letter I usually adress it to "familia Llanos-Martinez" even if only the first one (the husband's) would sufice, my slightly feminist side makes me writte both. Can´t help it. :twisted:
By tapper
Thanks to both Beastess and Zelai for your replies. All sorted now and with your and Jane´s help done correctly!
By rogerb
Carrying on from this very old post I have a similar query.

I have a Spanish friend who lives in Asturias. She is a medical doctor, quite a stickler for being correct in written communications, is about 20 years younger than I, and a married lady.

She addresses snail mail to me: "Sr. Don <my initials and surname>"

'Sr'. is clearly 'Señor' and 'Don', presumably, a sign of respect for my great age ? :)

I know, of course, her Christian name, and surname, and that she is a doctor ... so how should I correctly address letters to her ? In the past, as I was unsure, I have always just used the 2 names I know, e.g. "Maria Garcia" (not her name!).
She has never commented on this, only once putting me straight when i accidentally ended her surname with an"S" rather than a "Z" (apparently the Zs are much more aristocratic :D )

Would "Dra. Maria Garcia" be OK?
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