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By Info
It's a very useful verb. It can be used as freddo says to indicate finished i.e finished doing something,a meeting, a game or a picture or used with con i.e "acabar con" finish with something or put an end to something i.e "hay que acabar con discriminaciones" or you can have "acabar de" for a recent action i.e somebody asks you do you want something to eat "te gustaria algo de comer"? You could reply "no gracias acabo de comer" or "acaba de salir" he/she has just gone out. Bee
By cameron
My partner uses it instead of Terminado, he says Acabado, that is what he was taught.
By rspltd
It was always explained to me as follows - acabar is used when something is completed but notthe whole item - so for example the chapter of a book but not the book itself. Terminar is used when something is completely finished in it's entirety.

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