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By Kinchy
Leaving aside all the many insults from a lot of the readers of certain media against the French, it is truly saddening to see such a beautiful 850 year old cathedral destroyed by fire as we have seen today.

Having worked in Paris on many occasions as well as visiting there as a tourist, this building is (was) one of the most breath taking buildings I have visited, and to see it burn with such ferocity is truly saddening.

It will be interesting to see the details of the cause.
By freddo
Truly a magnificent building, it is going to be a mammoth task to rebuild and where will they get the craftsmen
By longjohn
freddo wrote:Truly a magnificent building, it is going to be a mammoth task to rebuild and where will they get the craftsmen
Probably from the same place the UK found the craftsmen to rebuild Windsor Castle.
By jimny1
Yes its tragic, but at least everyone from all over the world is giving funds to rebuild it
Its a shame they dont give to other historic places that are destroyed in this way ... museum-rio
Brasil lost its oldest museum in a fire last year and nobody, even in its own country , gave money to restore it, yet a brasilian billionaire is giving 88 million to help restore notra dame
I suppose its like in the Uk , they give plenty of foreign aid , neglecting the needs of its own country
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By Sheff_Blade
The incident raises lots of interesting questions.

Firstly I'm amazed how quickly the authorities declared it was an accident. Most fires, eg Grenfell, takes months (years) of thorough investigation yet within hours, before the rubble has even cooled down, someone is confident enough to say it was an accident. Have I missed something?

I assume Notre Dame is a Catholic church (clue in the name?) and therefore the property of the Church of Rome. I haven't heard of any monies forthcoming from the Vatican? Or perhaps it belongs to the French government, thanks to Napoleon (Bonaparte not Solo).

Was the building (and contents) insured? I assume not but if so, some insurance company is going to take a huge hit. Or perhaps not, as there are so many people prepared to make donations to the restoration fund. With Vatican money, the French might even make a profit?
By jimny1
I agree with your questions sheff , there is going to be a vast surplus left after the repairs are completed, without any insurance payouts or money from the already rich catholic church
Lets hope it gets put to good use, helping the poor and needy and not squandered, but i wont hold my breath
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