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RUSSIA TODAY: Spain’s maritime rescue service has saved 472 people who were trying to cross the Mediterranean Sea into Europe over the past two days, AP reports. The service says that 17 people, including one woman, were rescued early Thursday from two inflatable rafts like those used at beaches and swimming pools.

The spokeswoman said that 455 migrants were rescued Wednesday – 124 in the Strait of Gibraltar, and 331 further east. Two of the rescued, who were suffering severe hypothermia, had to be evacuated from rescue vessels by helicopters. The UN estimates that 2,262 migrants died while crossing the Mediterranean last year, when 57,000 migrants reached Spanish shores despite unauthorized border crossings into Europe hitting a five-year low.

All good politically correct media speak to launder what is the continued invasion of Europe ~ Pedro Sanchez bringing France to Spain. Enjoy.
the continued invasion of Europe

That is the sum total of what is happening and will continue to happen to Spain with a socialist government.
Does not Spain have enough internal worries with youth employment for one of its many problems to keep allowing this continued invasion as billposters so rightly calls it?
Tow their leaky boats back to the origination points and the message will soon get through to the people smugglers, exactly the same as it would if the growing number in the Channel were returned immediately to France.
This is a Europe-wide problem - Spain is not overpopulated & Andalucia certainly is not.

Whilst I think immigration needs to be addressed, as much of this has been caused by wars which Europe has had a hand in, as well as supplying the weapons - we have a lot to answer for.

People in the UK moan about swathes of Polish communities and call that an invasion - yet these are the people that fought beside us in world war 2. How we forget.

Of course, illegal trafficking is hideous - but you must have some empathy or understanding of people that risk their lives to live somewhere else as their homes have been bombed or their lives are in danger daily, if it was your or our families, you would do the same thing - people generally don't come for hand out's they come as they fear for their lives.

We should be very grateful for the good fortune that has allowed us to not suffer the fate as some of these people & we or our government are partially to blame, so if 57,000? arrived, so be it - perhaps we should focus on the core issue of why? Ask the governments and arms manufacturers.

As for 'Re: BOLT YOUR DOORS if you haven't already evacuated' I find that offensive, as it implies that someone fleeing for their life to find peace abroad, IS AUTOMATICALLY BRANDED A THIEF. Whoever posted that, should take a long in the mirror 'over privileged springs to mind' - walk a mile in that person's shoes first.
It might not fit your political agenda but wherever non-Europeans converge on European communities white flight is the outcome. Go and see the devastation caused by uncontrolled non-European immigration elsewhere. Africans, who have no connection with Spain or Europe, high five each other as soon as they set foot on European soil. They are not in any sense asylum seekers, their countries are not in conflict, it is 99% males, they are economic invaders.

Besides, we the people are not responsible for NATO wars, unlike politicians we the people do not invest in the arms industries. But we are always the collateral damage.

Christian Europeans who have relocated to other parts of their own continent have to jump through hoops to get residency, Poles included. In fact, members of EU states who have worked, lived, paid their way ~ and taxes, will post Brexit need to apply for work permits and residency status, an onerous procedures with uncertain outcome.

But don't be too concerned, those lacking Europe's cultural, religious and ethnic birthright will be replaced by your friends who do not possess these qualities. Furthermore those you give a Green Ticket too have few if any skills, none that are needed, and therefore will live off the state (YOU) as will their families.

Do you know, Ireland welcomes Third World immigrants, lures them with a guarantee of a €5,000 settlement grant, Irish citizenship / passport, and a home despite the fact that they have no means of supporting themselves?

My advice to those of your mind-set is to put YOUR money not OURS where you mouth is and welcome them into your homes and streets. In your case, charity begins at YOUR home.

You criticise me for my opening remark; consider yourself lucky that I don’t put into print what I think of those who surrender and then excuse those intent on ravaging the world’s smallest continent, its culture, religion and history to the largest. You are Europe's Grim Reapers.

Whites now make up a dwindling 8% of the world’s 7.4 billion people. We are the minority, clearly you wish for White extinction; I hope you damned well fail ~ I have children.

PS. You have a business and a big-hearted soul, you give them a job and tell an unemployed Spaniard it is reverse discrimination as your dad served as a stoker in Victoria’s navy.

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