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By Sheff_Blade
Last night on This Week, Andrew Neil asked Alastair Campbell

"Over one million people marched urging the government, of which you were a central figure, not to invade Iraq. You ignored them. Why should this government take any notice of 100k Remainers calling for a second referendum?"

By Burrababa
Most of the marchers haven't a clue about what they are marching for apart from parroting that they want a People's vote !!!!

The funny thing is that when Alistair Campbell was asked what question or questions he wanted to ask if there was a people's vote

He could not answer the question apart from "we have to wait and see" ??

Ha! ha! nor could Clegg answer the same question or Blair when asked a few months ago !! LOL

Funny shit or what --and these are the "brains" in the Remainer camp

Makes every Leaver look like an Einstein :D :D :D
By Kinchy
Sign this petition on the Government web site.

Petitions - UK Government and Parliament

Stop possible second referendum on E.U. membership

Yesterday morning it had 32,000 signatures at the time of posting this it stood at 67,000
Put Campbell back in his deranged poisonous box!
By harry
The vile, racist, hated-filled Independent is claiming victory today after "amassing" a million votes on it's "kill-Brexit" petition - a MASSIVE 6% of Remoaners in 3 MONTHS lol!
By Kinchy
Probably Corbynski's Black Shirted Army called Momentum voting multiple times !

Vile, hate filled and racist - a good summary harry

The petition is now up to 75,000 !!
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By Sheff_Blade
Kinchy wrote:
Sat Oct 27, 2018 8:22 pm
Sign this petition on the Government web site.

Petitions - UK Government and Parliament

Stop possible second referendum on E.U. membership
Personally I won't be bothering with this petition. Why lower ourselves to their level? We've already had a vote so don't give them ammunition. If the pro-second-referendum petition gets more votes than the anti-petition then they'll be screaming they've won; if the anti-petition gets more votes they'll want another another petition!
By Kinchy
sheff blade, a different thought process from you, which I tend to agree with partly.

However, turning the coin over, do we not want to let the remainiacs know that they do not hold the moral high ground with their Soros/BLiar/Campbell/Clegg/Cable/Miller/Adonis/Sourberry/Heseltine/Clarke supported "Peoples Vote" ?
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By Sheff_Blade
The problem is, the second-referendum petition will almost certainly get more 'signatures' as it's the remoaners who are on a mission. BREXIT voters are simply satisfied to have won, and have no incentive to sign. No response (because it's unnecessary) is better than a poor response. It simply gives them the ammunition that BREXIT voters have changed their minds.

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