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By Burrababa
Mother Theresa nearly never made it --but good ole Maggie did :D

Jonesy--your mate Kev will be pleased :lol:

These are the 20 women voted most significant in world history
1. Marie Curie
2. Rosa Parks
3. Emmeline Pankhurst
4. Ada Lovelace
5. Rosalind Franklin
6. Margaret Thatcher
7. Angela Burdett-Coutts
8. Mary Wollstonecraft
9. Florence Nightingale
10. Marie Stopes
11. Eleanor of Aquitaine
12. The Virgin Mary
13. Jane Austen
14. Boudicca
15. Diana, Princess of Wales
16. Amelia Earhart
17. Queen Victoria
18. Josephine Butler
19. Mary Seacole
20. Mother Teresa
By Kinchy
No no no ! She is on a mission of apology to Tel Aviv to try and persuade the Israelis that Comrade Corbynski is a nice person.

It is called " Mission Impossible" :lol:
By soapydave
thought he went to Ibiza @ this time of year, to earn more there are more than enough wailers/chancer entertainers on the costa this time of year,
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