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By Mr Jones
I’m sorry to hear about the passing of local radio and forum member Peter Hurst at the weekend. Very nice man what a shame.
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By Jimbo1916
Yes I agree Ketron .. He was also a very good friend and we both knew him well. . He was also a member on here as you know.

I started a thread about Peter as soon as I heard about it on Friday.

After 150 views there was not one response ... so I deleted yesterday morning as I thought it was insult to his name.

He was a lovely man who loved music and he will be sadly missed.

We were regular patrons on Sundays of Cafe Goodlife on the Lemon Tree Market and his Bratwursts were simply amazing .. After much cajoling and beers he finally gave me the name of his supplier :D

He was also a regular visitor at Nick Barkers rock gigs with John `Wardie` Ward.

Lovely man ... Taken too soon. :(

PS.. By the way you guys sounded very good on Friday night at the Celtic, but we were booked into the Papaya Gong for 9 pm so we just caught a few minutes :wink:
By Ketron
Thanks Jimbo . :D
That's me at my happiest ... playing "live" . Not a backing track in sight . :wink: ... :lol:

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