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By Burrababa
Jonesy is burying his head in the sand --even Labour is now admitting that the UK has to get on and deliver BREXIT

Opposition for the sake of opposition is not a vote winner and Labour has no appetite to go against the referendum result

The question is will they help or hinder the eventual deal

Although this has been going on a long time and pundits have been blaming Mrs May and the Tories----remember the clock is ticking and has anyone considered that this could be fantastic brinkmanship from the UK

The reason being that Brexit will happen next year --with or without a deal

No deal also hurts the EU especially if UK refuses to pay unless there is a deal

So the clock is ticking for the EU too :wink:

For people who say Mrs May does not know what UK wants and for EU telling us everyday that they will not compromise on their 4 freedoms-----which begs the question----Why is the EU still negotiating with us??

My friend --the answer is blowing in the wind--but I know that the EU can't afford to walk away from us or they would have done so by now--I feel it in my waters--Peace on you too :D
By Jimbo1916
Sleeve .. s( leave ) .. I see what you did there .. very clever. :D

The spelling mistake was intentional .. wasn`t it. :wink:
By Ketron
Yes Jimbo. It's a "cryptic" message from Mr Jones.
He is starting to come around , albeit , very slowly .
I'm looking forward to him uttering the words ...Brexit means Brexit ! :lol:
By Armani
Poor woman, Davis has scuppered her plan before she discloses it. Who would want her job when she goes.
By TVTechnology
Starting with some facts - as in how will this personally affect ME.

Thus far a €24,000 slap in the face due to currency plummet directly after the Brexit - mid deal, little could be done. Still paying for.

MY UK investments down a total average 12%.

I'm not even living or working in the UK & due to my previous association, I know find myself directly financially affected by the current state of events.

So, whilst those flag waiving WW2 babies are happy about their victory, everyone else who is currently working or in business, as in has a future in the real world, rather than is 'finishing up' - are currently financially suffering because of this - small business, big business, employment - you name it. At the moment and to this point, there has not been anything other than a negative outcome finacially & that's before we go down the lines of the racists been given a voice - as the 'no brown faces' and blaming every ethnic minority of the ruin of the UK & NHS is ridiculous. Most immigrants work harder than the 3 generations deep of white trash sitting in their council houses, who literally have done nothing for generations - oooh don't want someone taking our (not hard earned) money.

So the largest section of voters, were, strangely enough, those who don't work, claim from the state and live with the WW2 mentality of 'we won the war'. At no point in time did the Daily Mail or the average pensioner, really have a clue or possible comprehension of how this will pan out. Currently, it has been bad and has cost me - how would you have voted if like me you lost €24,000 overnight and would impact the costs of your business and import/export.

People do what's best for them, unfortunately, those who voted by far in the highest percentage do not represent those who still have to grow and work for a living, don't have a pension and can't afford a house at 50 x their salary, which was 5 x odd 50-60 years ago.

So, to summarise, currently, we are all worse off & the argument is, it will be better in the future?

Guess what, my investments bit by bit are coming out of the UK as have been shaky since this and have decreased, despite being in different sectors - so hardly a surprise that big companies are hedging their bets and the UK will lose some trade for now.

The question is long term, will it come back? Or have we simply lost 10-20 years of growth, thus weakening the UK overall long term, which is I think where we are at.

Noticed very quiet on the financial services sector at the moment, companies making contingency plans. If they don't get their financial passport and the main banks go elsewhere and costs increase, that will slaughter the UK, which has an over-reliance on these in the economy.

Add the reality TV president in the USA, throwing Tariffs everywhere including the EU, driving up costs, which will have a knock on effect with services and employment too - combined with the Brexit, is all presently not the best forecast on the horizon, in fact, recipe for a perfect storm.
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By Wendy
Hurrah for a decent post, thank you. but you may be ripped to bits for not agreeing with the mob.
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