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By Kinchy
A very good friend has recently taken over as President of his Community. They are a small community but have almost 30k euros in unpaid community fees and they are on the brink of having no money very soon.
He is calling an EGM very soon and will no doubt kick some a--e with the Administrators lack of action. BUT do any of you on the forum have any contacts with UK based debt companies who can chase down the debtors?
He is very new to the role and I have no ideas regarding the type of company he might need to help, as we as a community have no debtors, thanks to our President.
Any contact numbers/email would be very much appreciated
By Jimbo1916
I'm the President of our small community and 30k euros in unpaid community fees is an obscene amount of money and should never have been allowed to mount up to so much.

In the last few years I've taken two owners to court for unpaid community fees. One was for €3000 and the other was for €2500. One villa has been sold and the debt is now cleared and the other is paying it off.

I have seen companies on the internet that speciallise in collecting unpaid community fees from absentee UK property owners. Perhaps some research needs to be done.
By Kinchy
Thanks jimbo and ken.
Yes 30k is deplorable and he has set his sight on pursuing the debtors vigorously
.As far as the administrators are concerned, I know he is meeting potential alternatives with the view to change, so ken your point is exactly correct.
jimbo, yes there is more research to be done and you are totally correct. I posted the original question, just in case anyone on the forum had encountered a similar potentially disastrous situation,and if they had used a company in the UK to chase down the debtors, and their opinions on the actions taken etc.
Again, thanks for the input so far - much appreciated.
By kenbowns
I have just received the minutes from our AGM, our administrator has a mandate to actively pursue debters, in fact they have had this for a while now as each set of minutes gives an update on debts recovered.
Not sure of the process but it isn't made any easier because the debtors are multi national, also a couple of the properties are repossessed and in the name of banks but they are pursuing them too.
I think our admin appear to be doing the job properly.
By Jimbo1916
Going through the court is a long drawn out process I can assure you.
I was lucky that both defaulting owners were Spanish. The bank seized one property and assured me that the money owed would paid eventually........when the property was sold and that was four years on. !!
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