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By Ketron
It would seem that Stowie and Pete Evans have both had Triple "Humour By Pass" operations , and that the surgery was very successful ! :lol: :lol: :lol:
By pete evans
I didn't realise humour was part of the forum, haven't seen any yet. Libel statements are so out of order, not British.
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By pete evans
Something happens to Brits when they move to Spain, they become insecure, a sure sign of bullying. It doesnt happen on the UK forums I use, people help each other. Bullying isnt accepted, frowned on. Humour is good.
By Mr Jones
I think a lot develop a superior attitude and get confused too about their new environment and new roles.

Apartment ( it’s a flat )

Villa ( it’s a 2 bed box and you can hear your neighbour snoring )

President ( the job nobody else wanted )

Estate agent ( Greg’s the baker hasn’t arrived in Spain yet )

Master builder ( the kids bought me a hammer for Christmas. )

Electrician ( turn the mains off and hope the problem resolves itself when the rain stops )

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