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By Burrababa
This can only happen because do gooders have over the years sold the good people of the UK down the river---what we need is another Trump to sort this mess out---snowflakes complaining about any common sense solution.

What do you think :?: :?: :?:

Two illegal immigrants lived in a luxury hotel for 243 nights costing the taxpayer almost £120,000 after falsely claiming they were victims of the Grenfell Tower fire.

Couple Tommy Brooks, 51, and Elaine Douglas, 51, were unmasked as fraudsters after giving an incorrect flat number in the West London block where 72 people died last June.

But before their arrests they racked up bills for £104,000 for accommodation alone while Douglas ran up a food bill of £11,000 while also complaining about the quality of the menu, Isleworth Crown Court heard.

The couple came to the UK from Jamaica in 2002 and were booked on return flights but did not show up and disappeared into Britain for 15 years until their arrests.
By Kinchy
One can only assume that over those 15 years they have possessions that could be confiscated and sold - not a lot but some way towards payback.
Put them on trial and if found guilty given a hefty sentence BUT why waste any more money keeping scum like these two in a nice comfy UK jail, when that money could be put towards helping more needier people. Deport them back to Jamaica and leave them at the airport to make their own little way in the sunshine.
By Burrababa
I am pleased to see that Jonesy is not rushing in to support illegal immigrants for the sake of taking the moral high ground--I know Jonesy in the past has been quick to speak up for Mrs Nelson who would have been in there where angels fear to tread trying to find argument to defend the indefensible. It looks as if common sense has prevailed and that people are becoming less contentious for the sake of being contentious --which is a good thing :D

The Forum I am happy to say is becoming much more pragmatic, polite and more considerate of others and long may it last. Even people who were nervous to comment before are posting now :wink:
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