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By Kinchy
And, the sooner those 323 or so days are past, the sooner the better.
Hard Brexit despite the unelected peers and the Remoaners AKA Sourberry, Clarke, Blair Clegg and the rest of the pathetic crew who try to defy of the will of the people are put back in their ubiquitous boxes the better. Leave now and let the EUrinal come running to the UK for a trade deal and that is especially so for the Irish Republic - also called the puppets of Brussels.
The 1916 rebellion fighters must be turning in their graves. An Independent Republic now being used as pawns by the EUSSR
By Ketron
Exactly ! A walk away situation is long overdue. Even Dyson , when interviewed by Andrew Marr , said it's impossible to negotiate with the E.U.
He advocated walking away right now.
By Kinchy
I was speaking to a French friend earlier today over lunch,and he is amazed at how the UK allows its politicians to ignore the will of the electorate.
He made an outstanding point regarding the UK Members of Parliament.
It was
If the people in a constituency voted to leave or remain, then that elected MP must be made to follow the wishes of his or her constituents, despite whether they are Tory, Labour or Libdem.
They must not impose their supposed mental and economic superiority which would be in direct opposition to how the vote was cast in the constituency they represent.
Of course if the vote in the constituency was remain then the elected MP should oppose the leave vote, and vice versa . No matter what his/her wishes were.
Why the bloody hell should it take a citizen of France to show us the blindingly obvious?
By Mr Jones
The will of half the people you mean ?

I agree with you for once over the French comments, only the towns and cities that voted leave should go, they could add a couple of months to the negotiation schedule sorting that out and obviously the technology for the irish border could be implemented in Bristol Leeds Liverpool Manchester London Scotland half of Birmingham and all the other areas that didn’t vote leave .

By Kinchy
It was 52% in favour of leaving and a majority of 1.2 million so in a democracy the vote must be implemented.
Having some cities stay and some leave would create bedlam and would be totally unworkable.
The point made is that if an MP's constituency voted leave, that MP should back the leave vote, no matter what the MP's preferences were, and the exact same should apply if an MP's constituents voted remain.
MP's of all parties are put in Parliament to represent the people that voted for them at a G.E.
MP's are the servants of the electorate, and should fulfil to the best of their ability the wish of their electorate.
A classic example of the "I know better than you" thought process, is that woman Anna Soubry, whose constituency of Broxtowe voted leave.
Maybe she should step down, fight a bye election as an Independent and then see if those that voted leave would stand by her against a Tory or Labour candidate.
My daughter's constituency is Broxtowe and the voters there, both Labour and Tory who voted Leave are angry at her to say the least,
By Lincoln45
Nothing was planned by anybody. There was no plan B if the country voted to leave, because nobody really expected the leave vote to win. A load of rubbish has been spouted by both sides in this, and they continue to do so. Most of the MPs don't seem to be able to grasp what the Custom Union is all about. They think that we can remain in the Custom Union while doing free trade with the rest of the world!

Irrespective of how an MPs constituency voted, they should all now be working together to make the best of this mess, as this is what the majority of the people who where entitled to and bothered to vote, voted for But no! they mainly are just a selfish bunch who will always put themselves first.

I for one voted to remain, but the country voted democratically to leave, and we should get on with it and leave.
By Mr Jones
I was only joking about the cities but I think Scotland should remain in europe and have its border extended between Rhyll and Skegness, and the people of Northern Ireland should be decanted to Wales leaving that whole island in europe giving us north and south uk, one half European one half independent. There is a Simple solution to everything.
By soapydave
yes but how would the south of the border survive in the uk then?
as in the past the north south divide, has always existed ,with the south of uk prospering from the norths taxes paid to central government via the council taxes etc,then being unfairly distributed in favour of the south, so really :lol: nothing would change, :lol:
By Kinchy
A very well put opinion. Yes the MP's should get behind the Government and bring this matter to a speedy conclusion.
That is of course the EU federalists and the tired old cronies on £300 a day in the HoL cannot find any more delaying tactics to drag the matter even further to keep the UK's cash cow producing more money for their Federalist dreams, as well as Heseltines £900k a year from the CAP.
By Ketron
Britain is commited to leaving next March.
Is this Goverment is too stupid to realise the Wrath of 17.4million people , will make the Poll Tax riots look like a sunday picnic.
By Kinchy
It will never end, the UK will always be part of the EU. Too many like being a part and we are well integrated.

Really!!!! Have you been to Boston in Lincs for example? Well integrated? That is one of the most ludicrous things I have read on this subject.
Many might like being a part of the EU, true, but 17.4 million do not and do not want to remain shackled to the bloc, oh now remind me, were they not the MAJORITY?
The UK will always be part of the EU - what a laugh!
By Jimbo1916
pete evans wrote:
Sat May 12, 2018 8:01 pm
the UK will always be part of the EU.
Someone who has no idea what Brexit means. This the voting form once again. It couldn`t be any more plainer.

IN or OUT ... YES or NO. :lol: :lol:

By Mr Jones
I don’t think anyone will be happy if it goes ahead or not, imagine 8 octuplets blowing out the candles on a birthday cake, what are the chances that they will all wish for the same thing? What are the chances that 8 seperate wishes will come true.

Ketron do you honestly think millions of old age pensioners and all the rest who voted leave are going to take to the streets if Mrs May assisted by the lords and her back stabbing cabinet deliver a poor deal?

With relation to jimbos comments,
Jimbo1916 wrote:
Sun May 13, 2018 6:36 am
pete evans wrote:
Sat May 12, 2018 8:01 pm
the UK will always be part of the EU.
Someone who has no idea what Brexit means. This the voting form once again. It couldn`t be any more plainer.

IN or OUT ... YES or NO. :lol: :lol:

It doesn’t say anything about how the irish border will work , free movement of people and what institutions will address the issues of Europeans living in the uk,it does not mention the guarantee brexiteers gave of friction free passage of goods and vip access to all the euro clubs without cost. , to say it was an ambiguous question is an understatement, for anyone to claim that they knew what they were voting for is nothing short of insane.

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