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By Mr Jones
You destroyed this forum Jimbo when you where brandyboy. I don’t know where Kev got the patience from to try and help you. As for name calling, you old chaps say you are men of the world and yet when someone abbreviated your users names to a couple of digits you acted like children. You lot come across as the sort of people who join the armed forces and are most likely to be killed by your own men.
By stowie39
TVTechnology wrote:
Fri May 04, 2018 1:06 pm
He's not banned, his quit the forum - had enough of vicious bile filled old posters/ pensioners with nothing better to do than provide insults & pick fights & this is one of the reasons why this forum has dropped off.

A few really aggrieved old miseryguts - go on and on and on and to the outsider this forum if casually browsing in the wrong place, is not pleasant. Total lack of helpfulness, more interested in arguing.

That's what happens with all the negativity, not just like the likes of Mrs.N but others have left too & at the end of it, you have a forum which is probably 1/10th of what it was a few years ago. I'd rehash it all & that politics section and a few within it would be banned for good, IP logged, so no coming back playing silly buggers :wink:
I so wish this forum had a like button as on Facebook because this post so sums it all up

I've seen countless posts full of bullying and personal insults but followed with a smiley so that makes it all ok!

I've blocked the gang of two which makes it a bit better
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By Wendy
Yes give me a like button I totally agree, even now they are still at it, sad sad people who have ruined it for everyone.
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By Sheff_Blade
The trouble with having an open mind is that people will insist on coming along and trying to put things in it.
By Kinchy
Sheff Blade, your posting fits Mrs N totally.
Jonesy you keep going on about name calling being like the playground - look at some of your back posts to see that YOU are as guilty as sin for the same thing.
So you Jonesy think that Mrs N leaving will bring the forum to its knees?
As I have said previouisly the exact opposite may happen, and yet you are still intent on dragging on and on the discussion regarding your mate, who as has been posted was the source of so many infantile insults for a long time.
If I disagree with you or any other poster on this forum, I will state my differences, especially those of a political nature.
Your continued attempts at name calling EG kinky show just exactly my point regarding you and your matey chum Mrs N.
Regarding my comments re spelling and grammar, just ask your matey chum Mrs N the next time you see him/her about his insults to me and then perhaps revert with a sensible answer.
By Mr Jones
Kinchy, let’s leave past posts in the past. I will make you the same offer that Kevin made you, stop talking about him, stop talking about me and I will do the same regarding you lot.
Wendy and Stowie and everyone else, I’m sorry and I will refrain from arguing needlessly were when or where possible.

Kinchy, Let me give you an example of what I mean.
Kinchy wrote:
Fri May 04, 2018 6:32 pm
Sheff Blade, your posting fits Mrs N totally.

So you Jonesy think that Mrs N leaving will bring the forum to its knees?
Kev has gone he’s not participating on this discussion, you keep dragging him in, why ?

I never said the forum will suffer without Kev, that’s a lie I’m afraid.

Kinchy wrote:
Fri May 04, 2018 6:32 pm

If I disagree with you or any other poster on this forum, I will state my differences, especially those of a political nature.
You are very welcome to answer any posts made on a public forum, I am requesting that if I am not part of the discussion then stop referencing me or Kev in the way you just did with Sheffs remark and don’t post lies . Is that not fair ? Do you not class baiting a member absent or not as bullying?

Last edited by Mr Jones on Sun May 06, 2018 8:46 am, edited 1 time in total.
By Ketron
I don't see him very often ( keep missing him , at our respective visits to Mumbai Blue ) :D
But we are linked up on Facebook ...maybe , i'll send a P.M. :wink:
By Jimbo1916
I think Jonesy`s doing quite well stepping into Nellies shoes.

The snidey remark about the taxi runs was quite good I thought and of course it was designed to illicit some sort of robust response from me .. which it did ..probably a bit too robust.. :roll:

So with a few spelling mistakes here and there, coupled with some digs at pensioners, it could be business as usual. :D
By Mr Jones
Well here we go again another lie, when have I ever attacked pensioners?
By Mr Jones
As I said, stop referencing Kev and myself in your posts and I will do the same.
By Jimbo1916
Don`t worry Duncan .. I`m done now. Nellie ruined any chance of a sensible debate on politics long ago.
By Kinchy
Mr Jones
Thank you for your very long winded posting. Allow me to summarise my reply to you.
I will not be dictated to by you or any other person for that matter regarding what I post.Is that reasonably clear enough for you?
You accuse me of telling lies, - well you and your friend have inferred many times that this forum is on its last legs.
Could that be because your friend has driven away so many potential posters, especialy those of later years?
So, you may think of me whatever you may wish. I will not bow to your requests and will continue to post in the same manner as I see fit.
My opinion of you is the same opinion I hold for Comrade Corbynski's hard left members of Momentum.
Is that clear enough for you?
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