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By soapydave
WHY ?do I have to log in two times before I can post a reply? does anyone else have to do this, thank you for your replies
By gardner8
Just lately I seem to have to log in every time even though I have pressed 'save' ?
By freddo
If you are using CCleaner on you PC that could be why as it wipes out the site cookies
By soapydave
sorry freddo ,I know it sounds silly ,I don't know, I ain,t a computer wizard, I would,nt know were to look,
By alan p
I asked the same question about 2 weeks ago by sending a email to the mods, Everytime I wanted to place or answer a topic I had to sign in twice and then I was told I was already signed in. I never got a reply. Alan.
By old boy
About a month or six weeks ago, logging in to this site using Internet Explorer became problematic, often requiring multiple attempts. At the same time, other things started becoming "odd" with other websites.

I have now switched to Mozilla's Firefox, and all those irritating incidents have been cured. Internet Express, once the best browser, is no longer top of the pile, and a couple of websites that I have to use actually are now incompatible with IE, something that used to be the opposite.

If on Windows 10, try Edge, or there is also Chrome and Firefox which also will run on older operating systems as well as 10.
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