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By Kinchy
Is it not rather strange that Mr Jones and Mrs Nelson spell were in the same manner
IE "where" perhaps they are the same persona ? :oops: :oops: :oops:
Rather worrying perhaps?
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By Jimbo1916
I find the term `topped himself ` extremely offensive and very disrespectful especially when it refers to someone as inoffensive as Dale Winton.

It conjures up visions of convicted rapists and murderers doing themselves in while in prison awaiting sentencing.

And it`s understandable about your suspicions Kinchy ... but that`s how all the lefties write on here, hence the similarities. :D
By Mr Jones
For Christ’s sake are you still at it. I deleted my comments yet you childish morons are still going on. Kinchy you are a fine one to accuse anyone.
By Ketron
I've been away for a couple of weeks , still see that Mr Jones and Kev are at it !
Will they ever learn ???
By Kinchy
Better pompous than being a thicko.
Still the insults flow forth from poor old Mrs N who is always bleating about being insulted :shock:
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