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By soapydave
that's because of greed,
why are people not happy with there lot and always want more
live within your means ,be happy with what you have,
why always want ,want ,want .
work for your needs and not for your wants.
people are killing the planet,because of greed :( :(
By Mr Jones
Wise words dave, Kev do you know there is only one g in ugg? I hope people don’t accuse me of being the new bully.
By Burrababa
Mr Jones wrote:
Tue Apr 24, 2018 4:43 pm
Wise words dave, Kev do you know there is only one g in ugg? I hope people don’t accuse me of being the new bully.
You have convinced Mr Jones soapy--now let's see if you can convince Mrs Nelson :wink: :wink:

and Mr Jones--don't worry about being the victim or the bully---Mrs Nelson is the bellwether for that sort of thing on this forum and will no doubt flag it up to you and the moderator :roll:
By Kinchy
To return to the original thread .
Following todays PMQ's and the utter arrogance of Amber Rudd today, my thoughts are that
A) Rudd should either resign forthwith or be replaced (God knows by whom though)
B) May should tender her resignation as she was the Home Secretary that used the immortal words " a hostile environment for illegal immigrants"
We have seen citizens of the UK being treated in such a despicably cruel manner that it beggars any belief and both those two women and the Civil servants involved should hold their heads in shame.
It becomes even more perverse and utterly shocking when a Romanian criminal convicted in his home nation commits a crime in the UK but cannot be deported because it infringes his Yuman Rights!!!
God give me strength.
By Kinchy
As at 22.05 news reports and the BBC confirm that the arrogant Home Secretary has resigned - good bloody riddance to the woman who should now be consigned to the obscurity of the back benches!

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