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By Jimbo1916
I see the McCann saga has been given yet another massive cash injection to follow up the umpteenth ' important final line of inquiry` in finding a little girl who went missing when her parents abandoned her along with her two siblings whilst out having jollies with their mates.

According the Daily Mail , the sum is reputed to be 150.000 pounds, yet Amber Rudd has told the Home Office to keep quiet about about the sum involved.

Why the secrecy ... Yet again, it shows that the whole long drawn out affair stinks to high heaven.......along with the McCanns. :evil:

Of course, it`s who you know isn't it.

I`m a UK taxpayer and I resent my money being spent on these pair of worthless scum just so the Met can have a few more holidays in Portugal. :twisted: ... cCann.html
By Jimbo1916
I don`t know the Yorkshire Ripper but I would also class him as ' worthless scum' .

People who abandon three small babies alone in an unlocked, unsecured apartment in a foreign county to bugger off out for the night with their mates only for the worst to happen to one of those small children. People who show no signs of any guilt or remorse but instead with the help of people in high places, including Prime Ministers, and a top class PR machine, con millions of pounds from generous people on what is obviously, and always has been, a wild goose chase, are lower than `worthless scum' . :twisted:

I don`t need to `know `anybody to form that opinion .. and I don`t think any decent parent would think differently.
By old boy
Either the Mail Online is exceedingly slow at picking up news, or it it just likes to fill the site up with "stories".

This is a re-hash of the announcement made before the end of March that a further payment had been granted so the vastly diminished team could tie up the last few strands of their investigation.

And yes, Scotland Yard must have a friend or two in the Home Office, because it was the Met. Police that made the request for more funding, not the McCanns.
By Jimbo1916
Yes I know all that but when it was first announced Amber Rudd didn't give the order for the Home Office to keep it`s mouth shut.

So yet again, we have a high profile politician looking out for the McCann`s interest.

And the McCanns don`t need to personally request anything. It`s all a foregone conclusion that they will be well looked after, no matter what they want .... Just a quick nod in the right direction ... a word in the right ear. Eh. :evil:

As I said .. the whole thing stinks, and has done since the night of the 3rd May 2007.

And you`ll never convince me otherwise.
By Jimbo1916
I know that none of the Pro- McCann brigade will bother, but just read the comments on the Mail Online article and you will see that 99.9 % of them agree with my sentiments.

So it just isn`t me .. It`s also the sentiments of the vast majority of people ... Worldwide. !!!

This says it all....Just show' s how far people in authority are prepared to go to protect the odious pair.

' The Government has approved a new cash injection for the Madeleine McCann search fund. But the total is being kept under wraps amid fears of a public backlash'

PS Didn`t read your post nellie .. so I`ve no idea what it says and I`m not interested anyway.
By Kinchy
And the Morning Star, Daily Mirror and Guardian are read( or the pictures looked at) by all those impoverished folks , nicely cut into squares and hung on a nail in the toilet.
By Kinchy
Can you smell crap Jimbo ?

One only has to visit Liebour HQ to smell crap .Unless of course one goes to Kev's gigs, then crap is there right in front of the microphone. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Jimbo1916
Kinchy wrote:
Tue Apr 17, 2018 12:09 am
Can you smell crap Jimbo ?

One only has to visit Liebour HQ to smell crap .Unless of course one goes to Kev's gigs, then crap is there right in front of the microphone. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
Yes I can smell it nellie .. I can smell it from here ... That`s why I don`t read your posts... :lol: :lol:
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