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By Burrababa
Looked at the press releases from the White House and read and saw the media reports in the UK etc etc

All claim that around 105 smart missiles and bombs were unloaded on 3 specific chemical weapons sites in Syria-----

all good so far----and then I look at the before and after images in the press and Tv

now eve to my untrained eye--all three sites were fairly small/medium sized and had 35 missiles (105 divided by 3 )-- landed on each of these sites---then I think t is fair to say that I would have expected to see a much greater level of damage?

Now --the possibilities

Smaller missiles/bombs than we are used to seeing used in previous conflicts

Fewer missiles fired than the number declared to the press

Many missiles were shot down before they reached the target

Missiles were carrying smaller warheads than normal

Fewer missiles were used to keep from enraging an unpredictable Russia ---especially as Trump went out of his way to warn them of incoming

both sides have been lying to the public for years and this was just a charade

any other theories? :wink:
By TVTechnology
I think there is only one truth. That some utter scumbag thought it was ok to drop Chlorine on innocent people. More than once.

So Russia blames the 'White Hats' - rescue volunteers. Great.
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By Kinchy
So as always you cannot argue in an adult and sensible manner without your childish comments such as those regarding hypnotists - how utterly infantile.
At least learn to use the rich and wonderful English language correctly "look into me eyes" - one must assume the two letter word my is a little hard for you perhaps?

You may have been conditioned and indoctrinated into the Marxist fold, but I will be as big a critic of this government as anyone, should I feel the need to.

How many died in those air strikes pray tell us?
Diplomacy........ oh of course Uncle Corbynski will sit around the table with two of the worlds most despotic men and seriously thinks he could negotiate with either of them? I wonder what life is really like in Corbynskis land of make believe

On the Andrew Marr show yesterday, he insisted it was wrong for the Americans, British and French to use bombs to degrade the chemical weapons capabilities of the murderous Syrian tyrant Bashar al-Assad, and that this removal of weapons banned under international law should be pursued only by 'talks at the UN'.
Yet he knows Russia has on six occasions vetoed resolutions tabled by this country and others, which would have sent international inspectors into the Syrians' chemical plants.
Corbyn is a hateful piece of dirt who denegares this wonderful nation at every opportunity available to him. He has no care for the UK armed forces as was blatantly pointed out during one of his speeches at the Marxist inspired Stop the War movement (of which he was the head muppet), where he stated "Stop the cuts, but not to the armed forces - they need to be cut more"

You mention Iraq and Afghanistan, was it not your darling Labour pair B Liar and Campbell that took our armed forces to a war based on lies and dodgy dossiers?

Bashar al Assad and Putin need to be aware that the continued use or planned continuous use of weapons so evil they defy belief cannot and will not be countenanced, and hopefully this action has sent a clear and unequivocal meesage to that effect .
Corbyn should resign his Islington seat and re-enter as the candidate for Moscow Central.
By Kinchy
Firstly let me make it quite clear to you. I would not click any link that you may attach to supposedly back up your inane postings.

Yet again, a nebulous string of utter ramblings. I am sure that you might be able to get a job as Speaker of the Commons, as you seem to phrase your replies along the lines of his performances in the Commons ......... but oh I forget, you are not even in the UK so cannot stand as a candidate or for that fact vote for any other candiodate :shock:
I do not know who takes me seriously, as, unlike you, I am not an apprentice of Mystic Meg.
However, who does or who does not really is of no concern to me, as that is up to the individual concerned.
Just watching the live Commons debate and Uncle Jezzer has made himself again look the absolute apologist for the Russians he really is.
Just whose side is Comrade Corbynski actually on, as it appears more and more he supports his Communist "friends" in Russia as well as the despot in Syria.
He, Abbott, McDonnell andThornberry are of more danger to the UK than Putin might ever be thought to be.
Now I await with baited breath for your intellectual, concise and considered response.
By Kinchy
I find it incredible you can type so much yet say so little.
I hope they find a cure for that, for your sake.

Again you try to offer an insult instead of offering any sort of reasoned intellectual argument.
You are intellectually devoid, have nothing to offer to any discussion.
Unable to offer any coherent opinions.
Unable to write anything other than pathetic platitudes.
Unable to back up any of your nonsensical ramblings.
Unable to back up your support for your Marxist anti semitic party.
Unable to use the English language and grammar properly.
I can sum up your pathetic incoherent garbage thus.
The overwhelming feeling that I have heard this crap before :lol: :lol: :lol:

Stay in your small bubble in La Florida, Villamartin, La Fuente and around your "gigs" and stay talking to those sad people that might want to listen to your babble and let them use your iPad to offer even more garbage that you so quickly deleted ......... remember?
That is of course staying away from the "10 bob a week pensioners" who you despise and have stated so in previous postings. Those very same pensioners that I am sure would love to read a print out of your past rantings against their pensions :oops:

You have zero charisma, zero intellect, zero debating ability .... in fact we should now refer to you as Mrs Zero, instead of you using in a most despicable manner the surname of one of England's greatest maritime heroes.
Why not use your former forum and actual name KEVIN TYLER.
Quiet forum?

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