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By Jimbo1916
The arm gesture is nearly right. ... Just need to shave a bit off of the old moustache.

I wonder if whoever voted for this piece of slime really knew what they were voting for.

Slimeball Corbyn.jpg
By Kinchy
Let’s face it
Who has the most to fear, a few Jews with hurt feelings under labour or starving kids and the terminally ill having to get on their bikes under the cruel tories.

A few Jews with hurt feelings - perhaps you might like to go and tell the "few Jews" in Golders Green your feelings. This drivel could not be made up.
But sadly it has - what next deny the Holocaust?
By Ketron
Mrs Nelson . I think it's time to start behaving yourself ! :wink:
You can't be deliberately trying to offend members on here ...Are you ?
By old boy
Mrs Nelson, you are not keeping up with the news.

Corbyn appointed a close ally to chair the committee that oversees disputes and other such matters within the Labour Party. One of her very first acts when starting the job was to send an email to a constituency that had suspended a prospective candidate telling the constituency that they should reinstate the candidate immediately because it was all a storm in a teacup over absolutely nothing.

What she hadn't done was to read the tweet or whatever this prospective candidate had sent out to his friends and to Labour supporters. It was a missive from a Holocaust denier denying the Holocaust, and the prospective candidate just re-tweeted or whatever this missive without any commentary.

Whatever his motives in re-tweeting this missive were, by virtue of the fact that he hadn't made any comments about the missive, it must be assumed (no matter how much anyone may deny it) that the candidate endorsed the denier. It may well be that he doesn't endorse the denier, but having done what he did and how he did it, it cannot now be denied.

And quite rightly, the chair of the committee resigned when she had to finally acknowledge that she hadn't even read the missive when she instructed the constituency to reinstate the candidate.

And when the representatives of the Jewish Deputies and others (such as some Labour MPs) peacefully protested outside Parliament on Thursday, they along with the Labour MPs were harassed by mainly known Momentum members and supporters. They have even called on the Labour Party for all those MPs, many Jewish among them, should be de-selected including David Lammy who was protesting with the Deputies.
By Kinchy
Jimbo get a life, you live in Spain, you are retired, the trials and tribulations of uk life are not your concern, have a brandy or go for a mdd, chill .

Errrr, you live in Spain - the trials and tribulations of uk life are not your concern.
So what concern are they of yours You live in Spain yes?
Or do you think that you and only you have a right to spew forth your garbage and no one else can argue against you?
Utter mind numbing Marxist garbage.

You speak of starving children - well perhaps you should read a little more concerning Comrade Corbynski's socialist utopia,Venezuela.
Corbynski rang Maduro and congratulated him on his election "victory"
I don't see or hear of Corbynski condemning the appalling actions by Maduro and offering help to thousands of kids who are ACTUALLY starving, have no very basic medications and an economy with 4000% inflation.
Marxism at its finest.
Then we have you attempting to deflect the evil within the Communist Labour party by (as ever) saying everything is the fault of the Tories.
A keyboard revolutionary :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
By Kinchy
Last nights newsnight programme with a Jewish Labour peer, Lord Levy who had received a letter from a Labour "supporter"
The main points of the letter being ........
“Who the hell are you to comment on Jeremy Corbyn?
“You are just another Jewish p** b********er, living on taxpayers’ money.
“What are you doing in this country anyway?
“Why don’t you p*** off to Israel, we don’t need Jewish b*****ds like you in this country.”
The Labour Party is currently embroiled in a bitter fall-out over its handling of anti-semitism.
Earlier this week Labour’s Chair of the Disputes Panel, Christine Shawcroft, was forced to step down after she opposed suspending a Labour activist who allegedly shared a Facebook post that denied the Holocaust.
And last week Mr Corbyn was on the defence after the Labour leader expressed disappointment at the removal of an anti-semitic mural.
He has since expressed “sincere regret” for his comments but his relationship with senior Jewish leaders has been damaged.

However, on Newsnight Lord Levy unleashed a vicious rant at the Labour leader, upset at his failure to respond to the hate mail he had received and to the wider issue.

Still Comrade Jeremy thinks Hezbollah and Hamas are "our friends" :oops:
By old boy
Mrs N, this is not about just incident; it is systemic problem that seems to permeate through the Labour Party and it's supporters in the last 10 years or so. And although those at the top of the current Labour movement keep on making conciliatory statements that they do not condone anti-Semitism, the problem is growing.

Firstly, Corbyn stands on a platform with senior members of Hamas and Hezbollah and calls them his friends. This at a time when both groups were deemed by the world as being terrorists. He even tried to use one of the Commons' meeting rooms to conduct a meeting with these terrorist.

I must add here that I certainly do not approve of what the Israeli government are doing, building on Palestinian land; it's indefensible. However, that is not the whole story and one should look at all the history since 1948 to understand to what went wrong. One thing that is never mentioned is that that in 1947/8, those that would become responsible for leading Israel on it's formation pleaded with the Palestinians living there to stay and help build a vibrant new society. Their pleas were ignored, and the Palestinians listened to the siren voices of what would become the terrorists.

It also should be noted that Israel doesn't lob missiles indiscriminately into the Palestinians on a regular basis, and nor does it strap explosives on the body of it's children and place them on school buses with the aim of killing as many as they can. Hamas has no problem with doing that.

But back in the UK. Corbyn claimed that the mural was not a problem, even though it was obviously a piece of anti-Semitic painting. He now says that he sees the error of his ways. But even a quick glance at the mural should have been enough to see it for what it was; I certainly did.

Then you have comments like John McDonald's about string up "That bitch, Lucianna Berger". Not very nice.

And on it goes. It seems that barely a week goes by without some anti-Semitic statement or remark, picture, tweet or Facebook page coming out, and despite all the platitudes from the Labour leadership, nothing is actually been done to stop it.

I wonder if it was the black community that was the target rather than Semites that the action taken by Corbyn and those around him would be different.
By Kinchy
Youre not leaving us - oh dear what a pity never mind. We need a comedian on here and you have been the best so far :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
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