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By Mrs Nelson
I heard a guy at the bar talking about it today, not seen the news so can’t comment on the validity of this,

If it’s true it’s great idea, pull up at the hospital, park up and pay one of the many nurses working in the parking bays.

By Ianhaig25
old boy wrote:
Wed Jan 10, 2018 10:47 pm
Do Not Feed The Troll
On this occasion I will as I have to point out his lack of understanding plain English and if its not that then its just plain stupidity.

pete evans wrote:So it is assumed I do. Do you know what assume means?
Suggest you try reading what us actually written not what you think just to make an idiotic statement.

I assume nothing. You have made the assumption that I assume you do watch or care, but I haven't because I don't care, just highlighting your ignorance of current UK news items and the NHS. And you proved your ignorance by asking the question in the first place.

I made a statement of fact.
If you watch UK news or care what's happening in the NHS its pretty obvious.

Which by its very statement means if you don't watch UK news or care about what's happening in the NHS you won't know.

Judging by your comment its obvious you know nothing - and that is not an assumption.

And now I will take the advice of Old boy and not feed you as anymore - troll.
By rspltd
“I heard a guy at the bar talking about it today, not seen the news so can’t comment on the validity of this”
So you have heard ‘someone’ talking about something and suddenly you think what you heard may be accurate. Presumably he got his information from a reliable source such as the Sun or the Daily Wail? Really?? Obviously work must be quiet.
By Mrs Nelson
Let’s leave Columbos mac in the past where it belongs.

Thanks Ian,

Regarding the thread, in these busy times that we live in, isn’t a medical service that negates the requirement to wait inside the hospital something we should welcome.

“ hello welcome to Mc Sickys, how Can I take your order “

“ Can I have two Big Macs with fries, a chest x Ray and a lobotomy please”

“ do you want to go large on the lobotomy”

By TVTechnology
The 'local' hospital I have used previously in the UK - has been charging for parking for a few years now - did think it was a bit inappropriate as whilst it will help raise some badly needed funds - it's ok for those with the odd visit, you can wear it - but if you have someone sick in hospital and visiting a lot - it could be costly an unaffordable (or fair) to some.

I think should just be for visitors or one-off appointments - for those visiting on a regular or frequent basis, then perhaps a different rule set should apply - as in free parking!
By Burrababa
Conservative MP--Robert Halfon has proposed a Bill to eliminate parking charges at hospitals

Bill read the First time; to be read a Second time on Friday 16 March 2018, and to be printed (Bill 125).

You can follow its progress and hopefully Labour members will support this ??

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