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By Jimbo1916
Well after all the speculation and delay, Corvera Airport is finally going to open this year.

I think a lot of people will be unhappy with losing San Javier ... except the locals, that is.

Mind you, if you look closely on Google Earth, there seems to be an airport on the La Zenia roundabout ( Just above where it says N 332)...which is much closer. :lol: :lol:
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By Adey
Who I wonder is "Corvera airport travel"

At the bottom of the website it states the following:
Copyright © 2018 · Corvera Airport Travel - This is not the official airport website
By old boy
As has repeatedly written in the years since this airport was constructed, the General Directorate of Civil Aviation has still not granted any entity with the authority to operate flights into and out of Corvera.

As far as I am aware, the Spanish military have still not given their permission for civil aircraft to enter what has been considered as, certainly up until now at least, restricted airspace because of the three military air facilities that are triangulated around the new airport. So far, the Spanish Ministry of Defence, with extreme pressure from NATO in Brussels who control one of the facilities that is used solely for the training of special forces on behalf of NATO, have refused to remove the restriction on flying in the area.

In case anyone has wondered, this why, certainly in the past and I would expect is the same now, all flights into and out of San Javier have to make the approach to the glide path from the sea. That, of course, makes sense if you are landing from the North East (past Alicante) and then straight in over the lagoon. However when landing from the South West (which most flights seem to do because of the prevailing wind conditions), it doesn't make that much sense that aircraft arriving from the North and North West have to follow the same flight path down over the Mediterranean, go past way San Javier to then make their gradual turn to fly slightly inland before descending onto the flight path.
By old boy
Ketron wrote:
Sat Mar 10, 2018 9:18 pm
Rubbish !

Yet another thing about which you think you know something, but in reality, you know nothing. See this, and you might understand that others have reached the same view as I have laid out. As you will probably be too lazy to look at the link provided, I will copy and paste some of the important bits.

Murcia is built in a no fly zone.

But the Murcia international airport at Corvera has been built in an special fly area.
This area is located in the training fly zone used by the Spanish Air Force.
Corvera Murcia is built an no fly zone with severe restrictions on civilian flights.
The air space is managed by the ministry for defense and covers the whole region of Murcia.

The Ministry of defense let the air force pilots and the students train at the Murcia region and the nearby provinces.

In fact, the pilots use the airport of San Javier. Sure the pilots needs a lot of space to perform there dock fights.

So this is a serious problem at the as-yet unopened airport of Corvera.

Till now the Corvera airport has cost 260 million Euros.

Now, civilian aircraft are allowed to land in San Javier near Carthagena. So they gave their fly times in special time zones.

In fact, in San Javier, they do not enter the restricted area and they can fly and approach the airport by the Mar Menor.


Fly zone Corvera.

For the moment the only solution is approach the airport of Corvera along the coast of Almeria. That is what the engineers working for the state run company AENA propose.

In order to land at Corvera , yet to open airport of Murcia passenger aircraft would have to fly along the coast of Almeria. Than turning inland over Cabo de Gata at the south eastern coast of Spain. And then fly up to Corvera. A lost of time and money.
Even then the passenger aircraft will cross part of the restricted air force zone.
That means also that all the air force aircraft will have to stop training. And this to allow a civil airplane to land at Corvera . How there are going to do it ?
Otherwise the airport is not safely with the back fights around.

This trip to the coast of Almeria involves another half a hour Can you image the lost of time and the additional fuel .

So, which bit of what I wrote previously is rubbish? Or are you too busy to answer, or do you have prior arrangements or possibly you need to wash your hair?
By Jimbo1916
The people concerned must know all this Old Boy .

I should imagine these important sensitive issues are being discussed behind the scenes, although it all smacks of anti - Corvera propaganda to me.

But I`m sure, like Brexit, it will happen. So there`s little point in getting ones knickers in a twist. :D
By Ketron
I was referring to the whole Corvera fiasco , Old boy .... not the information you gleaned from Wikipedia ! :D
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By Wendy
I have just had an email from Coys rent a car with this update on

There is also a photo of things being handed over to Aena, so looks like it could at last becoming reality.

***UPDATE*** Corvera airport

On Saturday 24th February 2018 Jaime Garcia-Legaz signed a contract with the regional president Fernando Lope Miras to manage and maintain the airport during the next 25 years. During the presentation there was a symbolic handing over of the keys to the president of AENA.

The airport will most likely bear the name of the Murcian engineer Juan de la Cierva and the airport will be ready to receive flights from December 2018. For the moment, the specific amount of flights and the starting dates will all depend on which airlines are contracted to fly into the airport. A plan has already been put into operation to attract the interest of the top airlines.

The process has begun to certify the facilities and controls by the State Security Agency and although AENA have said this will take several months, the date of December to receive flights is very realistic. AENA operates most of the airports in Spain and is partially owned by the Spanish government, so they have the expertise and are very well positioned to understand the logistics and the work to be undertaken to open this airport in December.

AENA announced that the transition of civil operations from the current San Javier airport to the new Corvera airport will be led by Mariano Menor. The flights into San Javier and Corvera will not overlap so once the last flight leaves San Javier airport, the next flight will arrive into Corvera airport. The 2 airports will not operate together.


Where is Corvera airport ?

Corvera is part of the Murcia region and is located in the pedania of Corvera. The airport can be accessed by the A-30 which runs between Murcia and Cartegena which then links to the AP-7 and A-7.

When will Corvera airport open ?

The airport will be fully operational by December 2018. AENA have not committed to an official opening date as this will depend on the contracts due to be signed with the airlines who will operate from the airport.

Can you purchase flights to arrive into Corvera airport ?

Not yet, these will be announced in the near future.

Will Corvera airport close at 23.00 like San Javier?

No, Corvera airport is noticeably larger than San Javier and will be able to operate for longer hours as the airport will not have limitations due to the shared military use that San Javier has

What services will be available ?

The airport has been designed to facilitate Passengers with mobility issues including wide access doors. AENA also announced that negotiations are underway to sign contracts for the shops and restaurants within the airport.

What happens to San Javier (Murcia) airport ?

The airport at San Javier will close and revert to military use only. It was announced that San Javier will close one day and Corvera will open the next.

Who is Juan de la Cierva ?

AENA announced there intention is to name the airport after Juan de la Cierva who was an inventor who pioneered the first flight of the C4 Autogyro on the 9th January 1923. Juan de la Cierva was born in Murcia.
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By Wendy
freddo wrote:
Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:29 pm
Wendy That's old news and not strictly true as it does not give a true picture
Okay Fred, I have just received it and the update was dated this Feb, still its a wait and see as usual x
By Burrababa
The only commitment that has been made is to have the new airport fully fit for operations by December 2018.

As Flights are agreed by airlines many months in advance--nobody yet knows whether there will be a final cut off date/ or phased approach for commercial flights to change over from San Javier or if indeed when this might be definitively.
By Ketron
Wendy wrote:
Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:37 pm
freddo wrote:
Sun Mar 11, 2018 4:29 pm
Wendy That's old news and not strictly true as it does not give a true picture
Okay Fred, I have just received it and the update was dated this Feb, still its a wait and see as usual x
So , Old boy was talking Rubbish, after all ! :D
By Burrababa
pete evans wrote:
Sun Mar 11, 2018 8:47 pm
So why do the staff know?
So you are still talking to me? ---Kisssssssssssssssss :D

Post a copy of the letter that has been sent to employees and we can all know what has been officially communicated !!! :wink:

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