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By Burrababa
or is it those that interpret it !!!

An expensive legal battle to deport two Albanian criminals who posed as Kosovan refugees to win asylum in Britain will now enter its fifth year after a ruling by the Supreme Court.
Dinjan Hysaj and Agron Bakijasi pretended to be victims of ethnic cleansing when they came to the UK in the 1990s, but were ordered to leave the country when their lies were exposed.
Their lawyers successfully appealed, saying lying about their nationality was not enough to remove British citizenship from them in a case that is set to cost Britain taxpayers £1million in legal aid.

The ruling could now allow thousands more Albanian refugees to stay in Britain
By Ketron
The law is an ass , Burrababa.
These two misfits should be kicked out of Britain , without further delay.
Even Mrs Nelson would agree with me about that ! :D
By rspltd
If you are going to quote from Daily Mail headlines then you really should read the rest of the article which eventually will print the actual story. This decision does not mean these people will be allowed to stay - merely that the law which was being considered was badly drafted and unclear. The most telling part in the whole article was this “ Home Secretary Amber Rudd will need to use different laws to force the pair to leave after judges ruled it was 'not clear when the use of false identity to obtain citizenship by one person can lead to nullification” . Where I will agree with you is that the amount of time taken to discuss what basically is a technicality could have been used to getting rid of them - but hey this just what lawyers and judges get paid for. Why should they shoot the golden goose?
By Burrababa
Bad laws lead to bad judgments as seen in this case---

In this case a poorly drafted law was compounded by incredibly poor logic applied by our judiciary--but of course as they are the ones pronouncing judgement !!

After the Home Office applied to deport them, the men’s lawyers argued that lying to obtain such citizenship was not enough to strip them of it.

So giving false information in an official document does not invalidate it??

Our judiciary described the case as extremely complex?? :lol: :lol: :lol:

Pull the other one :roll:

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