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HOW dare you!
I,m a proper person an upstanding pillar of my community,so I,m told :lol:
Glad tidings to all ,enjoy your festival.............. :D
I talk to myself on a regular basis, AND I always get the right answers,but not always
in the right order,
Columbo.s been going for ever ,
Mrs Nelson wrote:Yes what dave said

I just could not be bothered editing the post in to one single post.

It’s not like there is any traffic here since the non posters imposed their rules so maybe talking to oneself is the way to keep this section busy.

It’s starting to feel like Christmas, it’s a shame it wasn’t May.

Kev, what do you mean !
its starting to feel like Christmas, its a shame your not feeling May? :oops: :oops: Thersa May, well that's how I read it ........................ :? :wink:
No surprises.

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