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By Eve07
I now believe will not be closing.

Maybe if a few of the children / culprits / bullies, who have brought the forum down to the level of a kindergarten playground (I know that's an insult to young children, but you know what I mean) were to behave and Gary were to delete their posts like he did mine yesterday, the forum could get back to the high level where it once was.

Why I don't believe it will close?
Yesterday Info (Bee) asked
Info wrote:
Sat Dec 09, 2017 12:18 pm
We will all be in mourning. It will be the same as a death of a best friend. Where to now? 😔 Bee
and I replied directing her to another forum which is very fairly moderated by the owner and my post was deleted.
If here were closing, my post wouldn't matter but since Gary deleted it, I take it as 'we're remaining open for business' :D

I like 99% of other members don't post here anymore but Gary can change this and bring the forum back to it's former glory by taking control of the children's playground.
By Jimbo1916
I think you`ll find that Gary`s had enough, and I don`t blame him.

Let him retire in peace so he can join the rest of us greedy grasping ten bob a week pensioners. :wink:

`As I am fast approaching my 65th birthday, I think it`s time to call it a day.
The site is now up for sale. It really needs to be in the hands of of an owner that is based in Spain and not the UK

I am not going to say a price but if people want to make an offer then they can contact me by email/PM with a price. If I don`t reply back then the offer is not acceptable.

If the site is not sold by December then it will be closed down and I will retain the name.

Any questions please feel free to ask.

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