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Shouldn’t the car manufacturers be working on a retro fit engine and battery pack that prevents adding billions of tonnes of waste to the planets scrap heaps ?
Currently costs to modify old cars entire drivetrains would be (a) too expensive (b) not viable due to the size (quantity required) and placement of batteries.

A theoretically good idea, but one that would need a jump in battery technology and overall manufacturing costs. Fundamental drivetrain is different - HOWEVER. If someone super smart could re manufacter a 1.4 turbodiesel engine to slot in an electric version, put the batteries in the boot, then possible - but would affect handling, giving other problems.

Battery's on the new cars tend to sit underfloor spread out, to lower centre of gravity. Stick a couple of hundred of kilos in the bootm in your old hatchback and it will nee the rear end re-engineering too!

If you are looking to save the planet, how about synthesizing a compound which breaks down plastics organically within salt water - thus fixing the oceans plastic problem. That I suspect is a solution already being looked at?
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