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By Ianhaig25
pete evans wrote:
Tue Dec 05, 2017 6:11 pm
That is a cop out reply. Its basic error, not spelling error. Basic spelling shouldnt need a spell checker.
For someone who makes grammatical errors, perhaps you would do well to correct your own errors or retake your English language o level which you must surely have failed.

pete evans should be with capital P and capital E. You also write john instead of John.

In another post

By pete evans

- Sun Dec 03, 2017 5:32 pm#1102640
I am a very experienced professionally in IT and willing to help

Either drop the "a" or drop the "ly" in professionally.

See Pete, your grammar is as piss poor as your posts.
By pete evans
Bad language doesnt suit you. OK, truce as this forum enters the last few days. No more insults and I will not correct basic spelling mistakes.
I have plans in place that I will reveal late Friday concerning this forum, watch this space.
By Mrs Nelson
pete evans wrote:
Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:02 pm
You cant resist can you? I didnt raise the spellchecker subject. Have a day off, don't be one all your life.

You mentioned the issue of spelling, fool.

If you can’t follow a conversation that uses theirs instead of there’s well there is no hope for you.
By Mrs Nelson
I’m not following you??

If you sang the song

There’s a tavern in the town, I’d know the song was about an alehouse in town

If you wrote on a forum, theirs an alehouse by carrefour, I would know what you mean, and I wouldn’t be so rude to correct the person who posted, because I might take in to account that the response was delivered on a tiny phone screen, or was dictated with a voice to type app, or the person was too busy to proof read his response.

No big deal, you are an arsehole mate, and I can’t wait to join some of these forums you are on in order to help you change your ways.
By soapydave
Mrs Nelson wrote:
Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:26 pm
You are a loser, you are rude and boring and you have bad breath too, it was not nice to meet you.

Oh and talking of spelling, your tattoos were not too good either.

just curious, is he the guy with TW** tatooed across his forehead that I,ve seen walking round playa flemenca ? :shock:
By coolkid
Used to love this forum but not suprised or disappointed that its finishing.

The biggest mystery to me, well apart from why all the abuse was allowed to go on, is why these posters who want to have a slanging match or make sarcastic/abusive/demeaning comments choose to do it in public, such as on this thread the dialogue between mrs nelson and pete evans, why not just do it privately.

Shame it was all spoiled for everyone who otherwise enjoyed taking part

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