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By Jimbo1916
Well is today the last day or not .

It would be nice to be informed as to what`s happening.
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By Jimbo1916
Depends how you read it Fred .... It says 'by' not ' the end of '

' If the site is not sold by December then it will be closed down and I will retain the name.'
By gail1
I too will miss the site. I know a lot of my posts recently have just been in the games section but I have enjoyed reading, and contributing when I felt I could, in other sections. The pets section and travelling with pets was the one bit which I hope I at least have helped one person with, and I know others have helped me with other issues we have had when visiting the area. Whatever happens I would like to thank Gary and anyone else who has helped me with my visits all the very best for the future. xx

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