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By Ketron
If , as previously stated on here , that the forum will cease to exist after December ( unless a buyer is forthcoming ), i thought i'd bid you all farewell.
I'm away for a holiday this tuesday , until the 3rd week in December.

By the time i return , the forum may have ceased to function.

I've enjoyed my time on here , and met many interesting people , who have become friends ( Mrs Nelson included :wink: ).
I have been guilty of a certain amount of winding up - but there again .... i've also been on the receiving end . :D
Sad to think that things are coming to an end , but my very best wishes to you all.
Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
Bye .
By Mrs Nelson
Mate have a great holiday.

We all have met some characters thanks to Gary and his forum, it’s a shame we have also lost a few lovely guys and girls from here over the past few years, God bless them :(
Everything has to end, It’s been a blast and the wind ups, it’s only banter, some of us where travelled enough to take the rough with the smooth and not bare grudges and ofcourse some were just not wired that way.

You never know what’s around the corner, for all of us on life’s journey, I hope the road is paved with pleasant surprise.

Good luck everyone , even the bloody tories.

And thanks Gary.

By Neil Riding
I didn't know that the forum was closing, how sad. Had some good information over the years and lots of help.
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