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By Ketron
If , as previously stated on here , that the forum will cease to exist after December ( unless a buyer is forthcoming ), i thought i'd bid you all farewell.
I'm away for a holiday this tuesday , until the 3rd week in December.

By the time i return , the forum may have ceased to function.

I've enjoyed my time on here , and met many interesting people , who have become friends ( Mrs Nelson included :wink: ).
I have been guilty of a certain amount of winding up - but there again .... i've also been on the receiving end . :D
Sad to think that things are coming to an end , but my very best wishes to you all.
Have a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year.
Bye .
By Neil Riding
I didn't know that the forum was closing, how sad. Had some good information over the years and lots of help.
Sad day
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