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By Ketron
Why would they do that ?

Every top lawyer is saying , that there is no lawful reason going , as to why the U.K. should pay a penny to Brussels for leaving the E.U.
On the contrary ..they should be reimbursing the U.K. who own part of their assets ie. buildings in Brussels and Strasbourg.

Unless you , Mrs Nelson are smarter than the lawyers are ? ......Umm , i don't think so ! :lol:
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By Jimbo1916
The referendum was yes or no.

What would have been the point of having long drawn out negotiations first if the vote had been no.

Yes or no.....simple. Millions of people understood that when they voted.

A few on here haven't got a clue.
By Burrababa
We have already left the EU --

People need to realize that like it or not--there is no going back whichever leader or party comes to power.

Why-------because Labour and the Conservative party are committed to Brexit even though their visions are different

The Labour Party's vision is not workable however because they see Brexit as a shadow EU membership---staying in the Customs Union and paying to access the benefits of the single market --they are unable or unwilling to control migration into the UK but masking their incompetence by claiming that employers and NHS would be crippled unless migration continued

This must have Junker laughing all the way to the bank as the UK would end up paying more than we currently do to the EU without any voting rights. :evil:

Labour has not demonstrated the ability to make positive contributions to a vision outside the EU, consequently they will just roll over to all EU demands -and have an unspecified period of transition lasting years and years -People are not stupid and they will never be voted into power.

The Conservative vision is one of making our own way in the world however they are being pulled down by people in their own party who lack confidence -
They are not saying that BREXIT will be a runaway success but at least there is some comfort that voting to leave has not brought the plague of Biblical proportions that Remoaners were confident would afflict us--quite the contrary so far.

Having said that------- ironically if Labour and the Tory Remoaners keep up their attempts to kick the can down the road ---we will arrive at March 2019 and will crash out of the EU on WTO rules---this is a rather inconvenient fact for Remoaners --supposedly this is just what they are claiming they are trying to prevent--doesn't say much for their intellectual capacity although they all claim to have an Einstein in their Family Tree.

Labour or Conservative in spite of all the bluster from the Remoaners could never reverse the Brexit decision---why

because the EU would make us pay a lot more than we currently do for the rest of our nationhood and it will be like Hotel California for the UK as we can check out but never leave.

Soon reality will strike that it is better to come to a negotiated settlement and 40 billion or whatever is small beer for taking the UK out of bondage.

The EU and the UK (Labour and Conservative) recognize this and I have no doubt that a negotiated settlement is what will eventually happen.
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By Jimbo1916
The vote was Yes or No. Is that so difficult to understand.

Why should people come on here and explain to non entities why they voted out or if they understood the implications.

Turn the record over why don`t you and mind your own business.

It`s done...The UK is leaving the EU...Live with it and move on.
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