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By Mrs Nelson
Jimbo and ketron

Instead of hurling insults around, you should get a room and congratulate each other to your hearts content away from this forum, believe it or not, some of us want to debate, and the nasty comments from two people, with a weird sense of grandeur are just a distraction and probably one of the reasons many posters have left this part of the forum.

I don’t agree with Tony burabbas post but it was well thought out and indicates that a few of the brexit voters might have a grip on what’s going on in the world, unfortunately Tony I feel you are in the minority.

We where talking about the vote to leave and not the actions and attitudes of the poor sods who have to deal with the mess so let’s get back there,

Regardless of how much you are willing to pay to leave, 40 billion they suggest, maybe it’s 50 60 or 80 who knows, I’m asking a simple question, did you know when you planted your kiss on the paper that you were going to pay to leave, if you speak to many people they were under the impression that a desperate europe would pay us to continue with them after the divorce.

Sorry Tony but you thought you knew what you were voting for, many thought they were voting for completely different things, sadly due to the nature of this process and the ambiguous nature of a yes no refferundum all of you currently have no idea what you are getting, you and a few others will understand how the result came about, many others will just be scratching their heads wondering why there are so many people still allowed to wear a burqa

By Mrs Nelson

In another dimension,

Brexit, I remember it clearly, it was going to be free, europe was going to give us access without contribution, make our own laws, straight bananas, 350 million for the nhs


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